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Freshen Up Your Decor for Spring

mannor in the spring - spring clean

Spring is the perfect time of year to fluff up your nest! Put away the winter woolens and inject a big dose of Spring into your home.

A fresh way to approach it is to change the cozy-factors like: blankets, pillows, bed linen and covers, couch (perhaps toss a bright white cover on it for a fresh new look) and of course towels going for a fresh white if your colors are typically dark. Watch this video on adding a touch of spring to your house. While you are at it, why not add some spring to other spaces like by the bed with small vase of fresh flowers, by the kitchen sink, in the bathrooms and anywhere else that you spend a lot of time or come into contact with on a daily basis like your desk!! Change up some of your ‘object’s d’art’ and spruce up the look of your home and lift your spirits in the process.

The Origin of the ‘Spring Clean’ Tradition

If the spring bug nips you, chances are you’ll want to do something of a spring clean, which is typically a thorough clean of the house. The act of spring cleaning is believed to have its origins in Persia; tied to the new year which fell of the first day of spring. Still a tradition held by the Iranians, called ‘khooneh tekouni’ which literally translates to ‘shaking up the house’. In Scotland, there is a similar tradition that takes place, their New Years cleaning on December 31st called Hogmanay, a practice which has spread through Ireland, New Zealand, and to North America a bit. There is also an ancient spring cleaning Jewish tradition where the house is thoroughly cleaned prior to Passover. In the days before the vacuum cleaner in Europe, the house had to be dusted thoroughly. Once it was warm enough to air out but not too warm as to worry about insects and with the high winds to carry to dust away, the doors and windows were opened in March to carry out this spring clean.

Bring In the Flowers

The magic is in the details. A few touches like changing up some accessories, a new arrangement to a room, adding big vases of twigs with wee flowers on them, fresh potted or cut flowers like tulips and lilies (especially ones with the fresh lily scent like Stargazers and other fragrant varieties) add that perfect essence of spring. Whatever way you express it, adding some fresh flowers and bringing up the brightness factor in a space just lifts the spirits, and celebrates the season in an oh-so lovely way!


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