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Fine Jewelry: Digital Nature Collection by GUY&MAX

GUY&MAX Paraiba tourmaline
GUY&MAX Paraiba tourmaline

GUY&MAX are Winners of the EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Awards, “Designer to Watch” 2015

GUY&MAX unveil their latest Edition for their Digital Nature collection.

Brothers Guy & Max Shepherd have been creating fine jewellery for over a decade using digital and innovative means uncommonly associated with fine jewellery. “A craft evolves in tiny steps, each step a slight alteration in a technique or the way a tool is used, because of this each change is very gradual often unnoticeable, despite the creativity and passion that push it forward. But…

once in a while a significant leap is made and a pioneer or group of pioneers uses a totally new technique or skill that will change an industry forever.”​- Max Shepherd

Max Shepherd, designer and artist is passionate about the future of jewellery design as well as it’s origins and traditions. So much so, that he refuses to embark upon any project which would be replication of jewellery past. Using digital software as his ‘scalpel’ he ventures to create jewellery not possible to create by hand, via 3D printing.

More than 10 years ago the award-winning brothers, created their very first jewel using animation software and a 3D printer at the Royal College of Art, (yet their roots in the jewellery world date even further back to their beginnings in Hatton Garden). It has taken them this period of time from their first printed jewel to pull together all the threads of their previous collections and years of perfecting this rare skill set, culminating in their signature collection:

Digital Nature Expressed in Jewelry

Throughout history artists and cultures have been inspired by nature’s beauty and because of it, produced some of the world’s most famous and loved artworks. This collection explores nature’s beauty from a different perspective using technology and the advancements of science.

First Edition of Digital Nature

The first Edition of Digital Nature jewellery was inspired by cellular structure and nuclei: the very origins of life. It is a collection made up of bold, flamboyant cocktail rings set with an array of colourful gems; each gem held in an organic cellular or honeycomb structure of yellow or rose gold. A striking sense of scale and sculpture pervade throughout.

Second Edition of Digital Nature

With their second Edition of jewels for Digital Nature, GUY&MAX take one step closer and look at jewels on a more personal level. An intimate, delicate and minimal approach has been taken here. White, black, yellow and cognac diamonds, and Paraiba tourmaline provide the focus for this interesting collection of pendants and earstuds, along with a single engagement ring. The pieces are representative of micro-talismans, and to be worn closely to the skin.

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