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Fine Dining Experience at 30,000 ft: Enhanced Charter Catering is on the Menu

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Dining aboard an airplane doesn’t have a great reputation; one so tarnished that many people simply refuse to eat the meals that are served on flights by the cabin crew.

The Science of Taste in the Air

Recent findings have tried to offer answers as to why plane food is viewed so negatively and propose that perhaps it’s not the airline’s fault. Cornell University indicated the noisy atmosphere in the cabin can actually change the taste of food while scientists at Oxford University believe our taste buds and sense of smell change at 30,000ft, suggesting the food is unappetising and bland. While this may be of little comfort to commercial passengers, for those in the private charter industry, there continues to be an increase in scrutiny of what culinary delights are available on board.

Discerning Private Jet Clients Demand Finer Food

[left]Andrew Whitney, commercial director at private jet and helicopter charter company, FlyMeNow, reports that a stark trend emerging from clients. Increasingly private air consumers are demanding the very best for their money – from aircraft to staff to destinations – everything is under the microscope, especially the food that is being served on-board. He states “Research into plane food always spark interesting debate and the topic is always on our minds at FlyMeNow.[/left]

[right]We provide clients with the option of a private jet charter around the globe so our client base is extremely diverse, with a mix of nationalities and backgrounds flying frequently with us. This is why it’s important that every flight is personal and is tailored to their exact requirementswe regularly receive request for food and drink which means it’s imperative that our offering is of the highest standard.” [/right]


In their efforts to enhance the service, FlyMeNow’s catering company of choice is On Air Dining, pioneers in the private charter catering industry for a number of years. With Daniel Hulme, CEO, at the helm, it constantly revolutionises its menu to meet all the current demands of the client, while keeping an eye on upcoming tends and client expectations.

[pullquote]Andrew added: “On Air Dining is very focused on providing the best client experience and we share that vision. What Daniel and his team are doing is the best in in-flight dining and that expertise complements our service.”[/pullquote]

Daniel launched and revamped On Air Dining in early 2014 and is regarded in the industry as an inflight cuisine expert. “At On Air Dining we believe the catering service can make or break a flight experience so we have gone to great lengths to deliver a food service which incorporates food trends, associated with elite restaurants, and take them into the air. “The inflight dining experience we can provide varies according to the mission type. For example, we have specially devised menu boxes that are specifically for the short haul, or for round robin flights that can incorporate up to two or three stops in a day. We also provide fine dining for larger charter jets carrying passengers on long haul trips.”


A Selection of Fine Foods and Beverages Served With Care

Passengers can enjoy options including Kopi Luwak Coffee – renowned as the world’s most expensive coffee – unique cocktails and personalised tasting menus. Chefs can also be provided on board wide body jets. They also recently introduced an exclusive, free training service for flight attendants, teaching techniques and skills required to deliver fine food at altitude.

But what about the research into the taste of food, 30,000ft up in the sky?

[pullquote]Andrew agrees, adding “The private aviation industry is growing at a rapid rate and continues to increase in strength as we move through 2015. If operators want to stay at the top of their game they need to be looking at their on-board experience and seeing what they can improve. “Consumers demands are changing, they want more and it’s our job not only to meet that expectation but also give them value for money.”[/pullquote]

Daniel said: “We can’t do anything about the changes to people’s taste buds while they are travelling. But what we can do is ensure the food we are offering is of the highest standard and that is our constant challenge. We live in a world where everything is instant. Technology has developed to the point that anything we want or need is at the click of a button. We want things now which is why we are seeing a growing demand from our clients to offer only the best because they know they can shop around. The end to end service has to be on point, and ensuring every aspect of the flight is the best it can be. We want to make the experience as pleasant and memorable as possible for our passengers.”

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