Discover: Krug Champagne. Excellence in the Art of Champagne Making

Located in Reims, France, founded in 1843 by German immigrant to Reims, France, Johann-Joseph Krug and is still run by a Krug family member, Henri Krug who took over in 1962.

This company now a part of the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey) house of global luxury brands, is the crowned jewel of their wine division. Its founder wanted to create an exceptional champagne and his descendants still uphold that quality standard that is know the world round.

KRUG Champagne:  Prestigious, Distinctive and Unique Taste.

This distinctive champagne with the unique taste, its mature, complex,  artistically blended, well developed vintages and a very expensive champagne. Krug Champagne is still fermented in small oak barrels in part of which give it its distinctive taste. The length of maturity time, 6-8 years is another aspect of the Krug method that gives the wine time to age gracefully.

Excellence in the Art of Champagne Making

Krug owns 20 hectares of vineyards in Le Mesnil and gets the remainder of their grapes from 56 hectares of vineyards, the growers producing them exclusively destined for Krug champagne.

All the wines at Krug are fermented in well-seasoned, small oak barrels. The house’s main release, the Grand Cuvee NV is blended from 20 to 30 crus, nearly all rated Grand Cru. Reserve wines are made from six to ten high quality vintages, Krug disgorges its wines at a minimum after six years of maturing and its Collection series maturing 15 to 20 years.

All three Champagne varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, are used in their wines. The Grand Cuvee uses primarilyChardonnay and the Clos du Mesnil is a single vineyard vintage made completely from Chardonnay in the Blanc de blancs style. The 1995 Clos d’Ambonnay made its debut in April 2008 when Krug released its Blanc de noirs Champagne, made entirely from Pinot Noir from a single 0.685 hectares (1.69 acres) vinyard.

The Taste of Krug: Mature and Unique

Who better we thought, to describe the taste of these champagnes, but the champagne makers themselves!? These taste descriptions are direct from Krug’s website. Each one a totally unique taste experience with flavor combinations that are romantic, exotic and heavenly!

Krug Grand Cuvee

A gleaming gold colour, an extravagantly expansive bouquet, an almost creamy texture. Then, an explosion of flavours, at once mellow and mature, crisp and clean.
Toast – Soft spices – Dried fruit – Candied fruit.

Krug Rose

Krug Rosé’s pale pink-gold colour and exquisitely fragrant bouquet are the prelude to an abundance of fresh, exotic flavours.
Wild berries – Ginger – Pepper – Quince jelly – Peony

Krug 1995

KRUG Collection ChampagneKrug 1995 is the consummate expression of the 1995 vintage, tempering the warmth of summer sunshine with the crispness of autumnal nights. Pale gold in the glass, with the first sip it reveals an abundance of flavours, a fullness of texture and a richness of finish that are the perfect foil for its exhilarating freshness.
Gingerbread – White flowers – Melon – Pink grapefruit

Krug 1996

Krug 1996 is extraordinary indeed – an extreme, eccentric champagne that first caresses the senses with its rich aromas, firm texture and full, ripe flavours, then dramatically explodes into jubilant freshness. Rich, radiant gold illuminated by slender streams of bubbles, Krug 1996 already promises a masterful combination of maturity and acidity.Fresh pear – Candied lemon – Ripe fruit – Honey – Gingerbread – Mocha.

Krug 1998

Characterized by the warm glow of yellow gold and the fragrant aroma of flowers in bloom, Krug 1998 is an enchanting champagne of astonishing purity and precision.  From its creamy, caressing texture, through its full, finely balanced flavours, to its extraordinarily long finish, it is a study in harmony – delicate, refined, captivating.Red berries – Stewed fruit – Brioche – Almond – Gingerbread – Citrus

Krug Collection

The first fermentation in small oak casks, which naturally favours a slow, long evolution of the wine, means that Krug Vintages remain almost eternally fresh and lively. At the same time, they go through different lifecycles, during which the overall balance of the taste shifts as individual flavours become more intense. With Krug Collection, flavours such as roasted brioche, vanilla and caramel come to the fore, followed by dried fruit, honey and coffee, and later still truffles.

Krug Clos du Mesnil

To the elegance and purity of the Chardonnay grape and the mineral accents characteristic of the Mesnil-sur-Oger plot, Krug Clos du Mesnil 1996 brings a dramatic new dimension. Constantly surprising, always sublime, Krug Clos du Mesnil 1996 is a sensational interpretation of this exceptional vintage.
Honey – Nougatine – Candied citrus

Krug Clos D’ambonnay

This is the rarest of all the Krugs. Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1995 has an intense copper-gold colour and a rich, creamy bouquet with distinctive hints of ripe fruit and fresh toasted brioche.  On the palate, it develops a magnificent harmony of freshness and fullness, vibrancy and maturity, culminating in a lingering, elegant finish.
3Brioche – Grilled Almonds – Candied Spices – Wax – Red Berries

The KRUG Room Berlin

Krug Rooms – Exclusive Luxury Experiences

There are exclusive and discrete rooms in spots around the globe where an intimate group can meet over a sumptuous meal and share in bottles of this prestigious champagne. There are Krug rooms in Berlin, London at the Dorchester Hotel and Hong Kong and a new one at the Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas.

Where To Get Krug Champagne

Krug Champagne can be purchased around the world from various liquor distributors and retailers online and in stores. For more about Krug, visit them online at


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