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The Excellence of Lalique

rene lalique high jewelry sacred fire odyssey necklace
Rene Lalique High Jewelry Sacred Fire Odyssey Necklace

I can think of a select few brands in the luxury marketplace today that truly emanate heritage, class, craftsmanship and artistry. Without a doubt Lalique is an exemplary model.

A true artist, pioneer and forward thinker, René Lalique founded his company in 1885, starting his career as a jeweler, but better known today for his decorative objects including perfume bottles and vases. Setting a standard for quality and creativity, Lalique continues to influence modern luxury.

Decorative and Luxury Lifestyle Products

Lalique now represents a comprehensive presence in the realm of Luxury Lifestyle with an array of products that encompass decorative items, art, jewelry, interior design and perfumes. A total collection, in part, influenced by very strategic and harmonious collaborations, that genuinely stimulates all the senses and purposely engage a contemporary clientele, myself included.

Languedoc Collection

The new Languedoc Collection is a reawakening of René Lalique’s imaginative artistry. His original vase influence by the South of France and its Mediterranean flora can now be appreciated in various sizes and smoky hues. Although their form is floral there is a certain masculinity that I’m drawn to and I can surely find a place in my own abode to proudly display them.


Lalique’s most recent collaboration with the artist Damien Hirst has produced a stunning limited collection of crystal panels celebrating the magnificence and fragility of the Butterfly. The Eternal collection of 3 butterflies, Love, Hope and Beauty have been rendered in 12 different colors and are limited to 50 each signed by the artist. I can’t help but see a wonderful irony in the choice of subject matter, which in itself represents a revival and beauty. A nod perhaps, to the modern approach of the Lalique brand.


The 100-points stemware collection designed by James Suckling is evocative in its contours, drawing inspiration from the curves and graceful lines of the female form. A weighty glass that visually complements the other senses of smell and taste and is designed to fully stimulate all the perceptions of any wine. The addition of the Champagne Coupe is now worth an added celebration.

lalique maison
‘LALIQUE MAISON’ – LALIQUE MAISON, a range of Art-Deco inspired furniture and home accessories designed by Lady Tina Green and Pietro Mingarelli


A variety of sculptured animals are prevalent in the Lalique portfolio and my favorite statuettes are a cheeky acknowledgment to the upcoming 2016, which on the Chinese calendar is the year of the Monkey. A classic, playful and charming set of figurines that perhaps appeal to my mischievous tendencies.

Lalique Lifestyle

To choose Lalique in any facet of your life is to choose a lifestyle. Their products absolutely encompass the characterization of luxury and continue to stimulate their customers, enhancing their experience, inspiring confidence and encouraging them to follow inquisitive motions of the heart. Visit for more information on the collections.

A native Scotsman, Richard Crawford grew up with an innate respect for heritage and appreciation for tradition. As a child, he became increasingly interested in culture and history and could often be found at the local airport where he would sit for hours, fascinated by the travelers, captivated by their sophistication and curious about their backgrounds. As an adult, Crawford relishes the opportunity to travel and experience the world firsthand, and never misses an opportunity to share his stories of adventures with others. In 2005, Crawford became the United States Ambassador to The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and his dream became a career.