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Escape: 5 Reasons to Luxury Holiday in Barbados

Barbados view - luxury lifestyle magazine - EAT LOVE SAVORBarbados is known as one of the ultimate luxury holiday destinations.

From stunning golfing resorts to pristine beaches, the island has something to offer everyone who is looking for that perfect escape.

Fine Dining

Barbados has some of the best restaurants in the world. If you want a real taste of luxury, visit Cin Cin By The Sea. This eatery offers some of the finest cuisine in the Caribbean. The menu includes amazing dishes such as oxtail and porcini risotto, seared Atlantic salmon, fresh scallops, and much more. The food also comes with a Caribbean twist, meaning that you will experience local cuisine too.

Aside from indulgent dishes, Cin Cin also offers stunning views of the ocean. Situated just on the beach, the open-plan rooms look out onto tranquil views of the sea. And with five-star reviews and world-class chefs, it never falls short. Camelot Restaurant, the Lone Star and the Cliff also offer amazing cuisine in luxurious surroundings.

barbados limegrove mall louis vuittonShopping

Barbados offers several shopping centres and a high-class experience, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is more than just a shopping complex: it’s a luxury area designed to offer the best retail therapy in the world.

It has designer shops such as Gucci, Mac Makeup and Louis Vuitton, and boasts a vast range of gourmet restaurants, inviting cafes, independent boutiques, cinemas and beautiful apartments. So if you’re looking for the ultimate retail experience, or simply a pleasant afternoon away from the beach, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is for you.


Barbados also offers luxury golfing experiences and holidays. The courses here are vast and – as you would expect – incredibly scenic. Many of these courses offer fantastic golfing villas, tennis facilities and great restaurants. By golfing here, you can truly experience the luxury of the island. Club hire, buggy hire, caddy services and golfing lessons are just a few of the services on offer that will make your holiday truly relaxing.

woman on beach in barbadosTropical Beaches

Barbados is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. The peaceful, tranquil bays alone are enough to attract tens of thousands of couples and families each year. The palm trees, white sands and clear blue waters are world-renowned, and for good reason.

Carlisle Bay, Brandons Beach and Maxwell Beach are just three of the most popular beaches on the island. Head to any of those and you’ll have no problem relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Explore Your Adventurous Side

Barbados is perfect for snorkelling and diving excursions. You can explore the tropical fishes, coral reefs and stingrays that surround the island. Barbados is also well-known for being home to a large population of beautiful and friendly turtles. Every year, holidaymakers swim with these amazing creatures and make some truly fantastic memories. Many diving instructors also offer eco-friendly dives, meaning you can take in the local wildlife up close without disturbing any of it.

Barbados’ location also makes it a great place for kite surfing. Slight winds and clear skies mean that surfers can visit the island all-year round. Silver Rock Beach offers a wide range of kite surfing activities that everyone can enjoy – from total novices to seasoned pros.

If you’re looking for a real sense of adventure, try the Walkes Spring Plantation in St Thomas Parish and you’ll be able to try your hand at zip lining. Here, you’ll be able to scan the beautiful treetops and see the amazing wildlife that Barbados has to offer.


Expert guest contributor: Article courtesy of Royal Westmoreland, a leading provider of luxury holidays to Barbados.

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