Entertaining This Summer? Why A Scullery Kitchen Is Your Perfect Companion

With summer entertaining finally back on the agenda, now is the time to consider installing a classic scullery in your home, so that while your guests are mingling around your elegant main kitchen area, all the messy business involved in food preparation is going on elsewhere.

Make the most of your summer entertaining with a fabulous scullery kitchen

Anyone who enjoys regular summer entertaining, with large dinner parties and soirees bringing together families and friends, will appreciate having a kitchen that is not just a comfortable work area, but is an attractive and relaxing living space too.

These days, as kitchens act as the heart of the home, it’s useful to have a behind-the-scenes space where all the mess and practicalities of domestic chores can be hidden from view.

This is where a scullery kitchen comes in. The word ‘scullery’ is Edwardian, and refers to a small kitchen or room at the back of a house used for washing dishes and other dirty household work. It hails back to a time when, along with a walk-in or butler’s pantry, sculleries were important features of English country houses.

Valuable support space

Today scullery kitchens are making a welcome comeback, and have an important role to play in the modern-day household. Ideal for summer entertaining, a scullery kitchen offers a valuable and practical support space for all the tasks you don’t want your guests to see, from food preparation to the hiding of used crockery before it’s loaded into the dishwasher. As we can see from this scullery by bespoke kitchen designers Artichoke, they can also be very attractive spaces in their own right, blending perfectly with the aesthetic of your home.

The modern-day scullery is perfect for housing all those necessary but unattractive appliances, too, from the freezer, food processor and microwave, to all our everyday countertop appliances. They can house ice-makers and second fridges for wine and drinks, and should you hire caterers for an event, a scullery kitchen will give them all the space they need to prepare, away from curious eyes.

Pantry and cold storage

The pantry and cold storage room are other spaces that homeowners can use to streamline their main kitchen area while hosting guests, offering extra space to store foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables, breads, pasta and rice, as well as storage for silver, valuable dishes, table decorations and cooking equipment. They can be specially designed to meet the dietary needs of a family, as well as their specific home aesthetic, as we can see from this cold storage space by Artichoke.

Typically located in a north-facing part of the house, pantries and cold storages are traditionally much cooler than kitchens, making them the perfect place to keep food. With today’s growing awareness that many foods are better off not stored in the fridge, it’s little wonder that the demand for custom pantry design is growing.

These days the pantry and cold storage room function almost like an internal shop for a household, storing provisions for day-to-day use as well as for special events, from summer entertaining to Christmas celebrations.

An integral part of family life

More and more homeowners are appreciating the value of having a scullery kitchen as a functional extension to their existing kitchen.

As you begin planning this year’s calendar of summer entertaining, just imagine how useful a scullery kitchen would be, particularly if your kitchen is within view of the dining area or you have an open-plan kitchen dining area. A beautifully designed scullery will bring great benefits, quickly becoming an integral part of family life, while freeing up your kitchen to be the elegant living and entertaining space at the heart of your household.


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