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Editor Selects: 5 Unique Boca do Lobo Luxury Safes

1800 Chubb safe

Locking devices to keep valuables safe have been around for thousands of years. These were typically made of wood with a ‘lock’ was a rock that sat atop the box.

The safe, also known as a strongbox or coffer developed with the advances of metallurgy which transformed the safe from an elaborate wooden box with some sort of fashioned locking mechanism or padlock, to the fire-proof, complex metal boxes we are more familiar with. Then made of iron these safes and chests are a more modern invention. Some of today’s luxury safes are a beautiful combination of technology, safety and artistry.

Here are five unique safes from Boca do Lobo that have caught our editor’s eye.

Boca do Lobo Luxury Safes

Diamond safe

Diamond Safe

This inspired, faceted sculptural piece was inspired by the beauty and nobleness of the world’s toughest material. The Diamond Safe is one of the most emblematic piece in Boca do Lobo’s collection. With a distinct design, this safe is customizable to fit safe-boxes, watch winders and cigar humidors.

Product features: Safe structure built from wood with a black lacquered finish with high gloss varnish coat. Safe interior divided in 3 sections, the top fitted with a watchwinder box; the middle as a shelve with a gold leaf finish, and the bottom section fitted with a certified safe box. Safe base is finished in gold leaf. Arts and Techniques: Joinery, Lacquering, Gold leaf application. Materials and Finishes: High gloss black lacquered finish; with gold leaf interior shelve and base. Customization: The safe interior is fully customizable to accomodate the users needs. Overall measurement and colors are customizable.

Baron gold safeBaron Safe

Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, the Baron Safe is an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship, perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury. Boca do Lobo designers are constantly seeking to challenge existing trends and stay ahead of the game. This Safe features watch winders and cigar humidors, and can be trusted with your most previous belongings, while embodying the essence of a timeless art piece.

Product features: Safe-box with a wooden structure, lined with polished brass. It’s full of brass and stainless steel gears all aroud the outside. It’s opening system works with an automatic engine that works with a remote. Interior: 8 watchwinders, 4 drawers, 2 exhibition stages upholstered in black velvet. Arts and Techniques: Casting, Upholstery, Jewellery, Eletronical engine, and Watchwinders. Materials and Finishes: Brass with gold & chrome finish and rosewood. Product Options: Limited Edition, Singular Products, Silver and Gold Edition.Boheme safe


Bohème inspired by travel and a life lived with a sense of adventure, embodies the spirit of those who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle and aim to achieve what is accessible only to a few people. This rare and exceptional jewelry safe distinguishes itself for the haute craftmaship and hyper-refinement in its essence, following a new hyperluxury trend. With special compartments to guard jewelry and precious liquors, watchwinders to exhibit watches and humidors for cigars, Boca do Lobo’s Private Collection home safe explores rarity and beauty in a contemporary way and will certainly be the star of your luxury closet.

Dali safe


Inspired by the great surrealist movement, the Dalí luxury safe represents the importance of reliability and certainty to guarantee the preservation of valuables, amidst liquid modernity and the volatility around us. Influenced by one of the artist’s most iconic piece, the Persistence of Memory, the Dalí safe represents the importance of reliability and certainty. Produced from cast brass, with a polished surface and gold plated finish,its interior features secret compartments and 6 watch winders that can be regulated in order to take the best care of your automatic watches.

Product features: Safe structure made from mahogany and cast brass, with a gold plate finish. Available with three or two sets of watchwinders, with a certified safe. Arts and Techniques: Foundry, Filigree, Gold plating. Materials and Finishes: Gold plate.
Product Options: Available in 2 standard sizes: Small (480x480x750; 3 watchwinders) and Large (480x480x1700; 6 watchwinders).

Symphony safe

Symphony Safe

The Symphony Safe draws inspirations from the world of jazz and some of its great musicians. Picking up on design elements which characterised the great era of Jazz, with a pinch of Mid-Century architecture with a twist, the Symphony Safe is a quintessential piece for music and art lovers alike.

Arts and Techniques: Foundry. Customization: Custom sizes, finishes and interiors are available. Observations for mounting: Contains pads on the base to protect the support area.

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