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Discover Villon Cognac

VILLON is an alluring spirit hand-crafted in Merpins, France. Created by time-tested, small-batch traditions VILLON is made from fine VSOP and XO Cognac, an exquisite blend of spirits distilled from French wheat and natural flavors. Launched by Sovereign Brands.

Perfect for Every Season

To echo the changing seasons, VILLON’s amazing array of aromas has been produced – the essence of toasted oak evokes winter, vanilla and spice represent autumn; notes of orange blossom conjure spring, and delicate peach aromas represent summer. VILLON can be served neatly, over ice, or as the base of the perfect cocktail, luxuriously complex yet balanced.

Origin of the Name and Details

When it comes to the look and feel of this exquisite spirit, it comes down to the detail. The custom-made paperless black glass bottle is adorned with an eye-catching tarnished metal serpent-and-dagger motif. The serpent represents mystery, stealth, and cleverness – all qualities of the brand’s namesake. The dagger represents the Middle Ages, Bravery, Revenge, Sacrifice – and quite literally the dagger that François Villon carried beneath his cloak. A silkscreened label, embossed details on the rear and bottom of the bottle and a heavyweight embossed silver stopper further elevate the brand’s striking package.

The mysterious tale of Francois is the inspiration for the name of the new spirit, its image and its ethos. François Villon was a mediaeval poet who lived on the outskirts of Parisian society in the 1400’s. Villon wrote about love and sex, trouble with money, dirty cops, lewd monks, “wealthy thieves,” and the consolation of good food and wine. François Villon, who took his inspiration from the markets, taverns and bordellos of Paris, was one of the most original and important voices of the Middle Ages. A roaming group of thieves entered Villon and was absent, presumed dead by 1463.

VILLON is owned by Brett and Brian Berish of Sovereign Brands, the makers of Luc Belaire sparkling wine, the #1 brand in the U.S. premium sparkling wine and champagne category, Bumbu Rums, the #1 U.S. premium rum brand, and McQueen and Violet Fog gin, which earned a Wine Enthusiast score of 93 points. Currently, VILLON is rolling out in the United States of America to pubs, nightclubs and retailers.

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