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Discover the Allure of ‘Encore Une Fois’ Perfume Limited Edition

The 6th and newest fragrance from Art de Parfum is “Encore Une Fois” – translated means “one more time”; and describes a creation that speaks to the way we are helplessly drawn to the siren call of nature. This very special limited edition features rare materials – and once this batch runs out, it won’t be made again.

A Passion for Perfume, Inspired by a Love of Nature

NWStudio 00278 F Discover the Allure of 'Encore Une Fois' Perfume Limited Edition - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Inspired by creator Ruta Degutyte’s love of the earthy, organic smells of the ocean, the scent she created focuses on ethically recreating the famous grey amber scent, otherwise known as ambergris. Art de Parfum perfumes are cruelty-free and the brand uses ambroxan (definition: a synthetic compound created as a replacement for natural Ambergris (see); it has a musky-ambery odor) to supply the salty, airy, sweet nuances of ambergris.

The Experience of ‘Encore Une Fois’

At first sniff, opens with a fresh, bitter citrus burst, the earthy notes of ambergris suffuses the composition with a soft-focus, golden glow. It smells like the sunny summer induced scent of salt on tanned shoulders after a day at the beach. This freshness is charmingly contrasted with the velvety darkness of smoky balsams, resins, and patchouli in the base. Peppery, woody, and balsamic, the scent uses Nature’s most precious oils and absolutes to recreate the salty intimacy of just-loved skin.

The fragrance begins on first spritz with a fireworks display of fresh citrus notes, the sourness of bergamot and the bitter sparkle of petitgrain mingling with ambergris, creating the sensation of musky, sun-kissed skin. Violet leaf adds a sharp greenness, but makes no mistake: Encore Une Fois is really all about that double bass. The interaction between the patchouli, cedar, and balsams in the base is a sexy tango between all the spicy, earthy things one might find growing in a dark green forest by the ocean. In Encore Une Fois, the ambergris acts as a waft of sea air, lifting and separating densely-knotted branches of the forest, aerating the scent. The result is an intoxicating sensual fragrance that you can lose yourself in.

encore une fois perfume with boxEUF BB FINAL HR Discover the Allure of 'Encore Une Fois' Perfume Limited Edition - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineAs the scent dries down, subtle accents of old books, sea salt, tobacco, and caramel are revealed, underlined by the fiery-hot sensuality of Peru balsam and benzoin. Cedar, which shares with ambergris a certain smoky bitterness, provides a perfect addendum.

“I was inspired by John Mark Green’s poem that reads ‘I want to hold you close, skin on skin, and let our heartbeats have a conversation’. Using ambergris is my way of capturing the scent of the intimacy of a lover’s skin, the cool salt air of the ocean, and the balsamic earthiness of a nearby forest,” says Ruta. “It’s sensual in a wild, organic way that will appeal to lovers of nature and to lovers in general.”

Special Limited Edition Availability

Art de Parfum’s Encore Une Fois is a special limited edition extrait (pure parfum) and is available online with international shipping. It comes stylishly presented in 50ml glass spheres priced at £160 RRP each. The hero fragrances are also all available from retailers around the world including Bloom in Covent Garden, and from stores in USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany, Spain, Mallorca and Russia.

Website http://www.artdeparfum.com

About the Founder

Art de Parfum founder Ruta Degutyte Discover the Allure of 'Encore Une Fois' Perfume Limited Edition - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Ruta Degutyte, CEO & Founder of Art de Parfum

Ruta Degutyte is a Lithuanian-born marketing professional with over fifteen years experience in B2B and B2C marketing, business development and brand management roles all over the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and her native Lithuania. She is fluent in five world languages and holds both an MBA and a degree in international business. Her willingness to take risks and to go into new areas of business fearlessly is down to her unusual family background. Born into a family of philosophers in Lithuania, Ruta was encouraged to follow her dreams no matter what. Working as business consultant in Sydney in 2012, Ruta decided to leave and pursue her dream of making perfumes. Following three years of research, collecting the best raw materials, choosing a perfumer, and setting up production – most of which happened in France, the country that inspires Ruta the most – she finally incorporated Art de Parfum in London on 1st May, 2015.

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