Discover Snow Queen Organic Vodka

Snow Queen Organic Vodka is a super premium Vodka made of organic wheat and crystal clear water from the snow-capped mountains. From magnificent wheat fields to distillery and transformation methods, only the highest quality organic ingredients and processes are used in the production of Snow Queen Organic Vodka.

Organic wheat grown in the European Union forms the basis of vodka, which then undergoes a variety of distillations, in a hidden spot. For many years, our distillers and their families have been perfecting the art of distillation, and they understand our criteria for the best possible quality. The transition process uses reverse osmosis water to reduce the percentage of alcohol to 40%. After that, vodka is passed through multiple high-quality filters that convert raw vodka into a familiar, smooth and truly luxurious Snow Queen Organic Vodka that we all know and love.



In a faraway land of snow-capped mountains, the Snow Queen has created her most mystical and luxurious Vodka – the Snow Queen Enigma Version. Inspired by ice, this beautiful blue bottle features cuts and proud square faces resembling glacial ice. Within, the super premium Vodka is the softest, smoothest and purest Vodka, blended with the mythical botanicals of lavender, rose and vanilla. Why have they been chosen? Lavender, with its soothing, luxurious and strong aroma; rose, a sign of true love and affection; and vanilla, used throughout the ages to add a delicious sweetness. The carefully selected florals of the Snow Queen have been applied in precise quantities for a final taste that is truly unique and rare.

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