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Discover The Seemingly Endless Uses for White Truffle Oil

Beets Balsamic1 1024x768 Discover The Seemingly Endless Uses for White Truffle Oil - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Beets With Balsamic and White Truffle Oil

It seems almost everything I prepare can be enhanced with white truffle oil.

Some of my favorite white truffle oil uses include drizzling white truffle oil on salads–especially those containing hearty vegetables such as beets, leeks, asparagus, tomatoes and mushrooms–drizzling it on grilled or sautéed vegetables, drizzling on bread, pizza or popcorn, and adding it to pasta, risotto or potato based dishes.

Uses for truffle oil are almost the same for white truffle oil and black truffle oil. It’s really just a matter of personal taste and preference. White truffle oil is generally more subtle in flavor and won’t overwhelm the other ingredients unless too much is used. The rule with all truffle oil is that a little goes a long way. In general, white truffle oil is best drizzled over prepared food just prior to serving. In some cases it is added to sauces at the last minute, and sometimes in relatively large amounts.  For example, our recipe for foie gras hollandaise calls for one tablespoon of white truffle oil.

It’s also important to note that while white truffle oil uses may seem endless, truffle oil is never used for cooking. When heat is directly applied to truffle oil, the truffle flavor becomes almost unnoticeable.

I am frequently asked, “what is the best white truffle oil?” There are many brands of white truffle oil on the market and they are definitely not all equal. Urbani truffle oil has a robust taste and aroma and is widely regarded as a high quality product. Compared back-to-back, da Rosario truffle oil is more mild in both flavor and fragrance. Da Rosario offers the added advantage of being 100% organic. The white truffles used to flavor the truffle oil are harvested from an organic farm in Italy, so if organic truffle oil appeals to you, da Rosario truffle oil is the one to choose. Additionally, da Rosario truffle oil is flavored with real truffles.

Truffle oil is frequently flavored by natural or chemical ingredients which are not actually truffles. It is a challenge to produce “real truffle oil” because the real truffle flavor is short lived, and most consumers want a product with at least six months shelf life. Truffle oil infused with real truffles usually has a more mild flavor, and many people want the stronger truffle taste and aroma which can be achieved with artificial or natural flavoring.

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