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Discover: Sean Christopher London Clothing, Tailored for Style and Individuality

Sean Christopher designer

To quote the famous words of Mae West, “I believe that it’s better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked.” – speaks to the vision of the stylishly sharp tailoring of Sean Christopher London.

The year 2014 saw the launch of his debut store in Knightsbridge and Sean Christopher’s brand attracting the attention of European editors and  he dresses well known individuals in the public eye. The philosophy of Sean Christopher informs his designs, inspired by modern life, guided by technique and quality craftsmanship and to create clothing that remains relevant; beyond trends and fashion, highlighting an individuals style and personality.

Sean Christopher London Suits

The Sean Christopher label is a labour of love for this designer who dedicates his time to creating suiting for distinguished individuals, his use of the finest fabrics and attention to detail have ensured that his core consumers continue to support his approach to tailouring. Sean sources his fabrics from British mills, his eye and understanding for how they fall ensure he can create and cut suits for a range of body shapes and styles that complement the style and presence each person wearing a SC creation.

“The materials I’ve chosen are a super lightweight Kashmir and silk mix wool. Half lines add breathability throughout the collection. I’ve gone for quite bold colours and checked motifs with blues greens and violet. The one key piece of the summer collection is a vibrant turquoise blazer. It’s the brightest garment I’ve ever made. I wanted to be more open to the use of colour within the compound of the 3 piece so again the use of mix match or pairing the combination of trouser and a waistcoat with separate jacket are again common within this season for me”, says Christopher.

His menswear collection for Spring Summer 2016 introduces to the line, camouflage waistcoats and bow ties, adding a playful twist on traditional suiting. Aptly named “Join the SC Army” they’re an alternative compliment to his featherweight range available in muted shades and tones of olive green, sand beige and timberland brown.

In addition to this Sean Christopher has created a range of chequered two-piece suits with complimentary silk woven ties and waistcoats in a fresh moss green and sky blue. The addition of flashes of colour have always been popular within the West London circuit and Sean’s enthusiasm to experiment with his clients boundaries have already received the nod of approval from his loyal clientele.

Sean’s bespoke offering has become an essential for International businessmen travelling to the UK, perhaps no other garment typifies the apogee of men’s style more than a fitted suit. His ready-to-wear range has catered to those looking for something unique, each piece is altered to adapt to the client’s posture and body shape with a fast turnaround time.

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