Discover: SAQQARA, Jewelry Designed by Lady Dalit Nuttall

Saqqara-Yellow-Meadow-Ring_grandeMesmerised by the untamed beauty of the sliced diamond, SAQQARA’s founder Dalit Nuttall works exclusively with these exquisite stones and chooses each individual piece that joins her collection for its raw splendour. With each diamond, she works to enhance and showcase the stone’s Charisma, Character and Cachet.

SAQQARA is named to reflect the spiritual and creative awakening Dalit felt on discovering her first sliced diamond. Her inspiration for the latest designs lay within the colours of the sliced diamonds she found.

SAQQARA majestic butterfly necklace
Majestic Butterfly Necklace SAQQARA

The Beauty of Nature in Gemstones

Dalit’s love affair with butterflies runs like a golden thread through the range, from breathtaking 18kt gold rings given delicate, ephemeral wings, to a new range of ear cuffs which captivate and encapsulate the beating of a butterflies’ heart.

SQ butterfly ring saqqara
Asymmetric Butterfly Ring SAQQARA

The Asymmetric Butterfly Ring perfectly captures the spirit of the SAQQARA brand and that exquisite moment when a butterfly’s wings touch, and time pauses for a brief instant. The Butterfly Ring is another stunning example of the brand’s statement rings. This unique piece set in 18kt gold crosses three fingers with the lightest of touches.

SQ meadow ring saqqara
White Gold Long Meadow Ring SAQQARA

The White Gold Long Meadow Ring similarly captures this feeling of both the beauty and brevity of nature, and at the same time, the eternity of the diamond. This stunning ring with grey diamonds is the latest addition to the Meadow Ring Collection. The seven pear cut diamonds highlight the delicate corners and provide a perfect contrast to the rough diamond slices.

Exclusively Works in Sliced Diamonds

SAQQARA is the only jewellery brand of its kind to exclusively work in sliced and naturally shaped diamonds. Each stone is ethically sourced and SAQQARA only partner with the world’s most respected diamond suppliers to ensure all their diamonds have been sourced in accordance with the Kimberley Process. The integrity of the diamonds is the most important foundation to SAQQARA’s creations.

Lady-Nuttall-Saqqara-Jewels-Founder_1024x1024Meet the Designer: Dalit Nuttall

Swedish born Dalit Nuttall began her career in the world of finance. After 20 years working in the City, a chance encounter led to the development of SAQQARA when she accidentally came upon an unknown jewellery atelier whilst travelling. Inside she found she had unearthed not only a highly skilled team of diamond craftsmen but had unwittingly awakened in her an unassailable passion to design her own jewellery collection. From Finance to Retail: Having never anticipated she would swap finance for the retail industry, her discovery was a true awakening of spirit and she felt an undeniable drive to follow her family jewellery heritage. It awoke in her memories of her father who was one of the first to bring Eastern influences to Scandinavian jewellery 60 years previously.

“My earliest and fondest memories of my father come from time spent with him in his jewellery workshop in Stockholm. Papi never tired of my endless questions about the stones and metals he made into jewels; and when I asked, as I often did, where his ideas came from he said ‘from deep inside a mythical place’ that we called Saqqara – the natural treasury of special things”.

Seduced By Sliced Diamonds: Seduced by the highly innovative and seductive sliced diamond, Dalit’s vision led her to create the first jewellery brand of its kind to exclusively work in sliced and naturally shaped diamonds. Named SAQQARA to reflect the creative awakening she felt, Dalit’s three collections set diamond slices alongside ice diamonds and diamond nuggets to create wholly unique pieces of extraordinary, wild beauty. Passion for the Arts: Dalit is passionate about the arts and sits on the Capital Committee for the South Bank Centre. She is also Co-Chair of Films without Borders (FWB) a non-political UK registered charity that provides hands-on educational filmmaking workshops for youth between the ages of 15 – 19, living in challenging countries around the globe.  FWB’s intention is to break down barriers, build bridges, and create a dialogue whilst simultaneously teaching youth the first stages of film production.

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