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Discover Private Jet Broker JustJet

JustJet is a new player in the private jet brokerage business, one with a twist.

They offer private travel to their clients at up to 80% off using aircraft that are already repositioning. They even have availability this winter into the Alps with flights from London to Geneva or Chambery at Just £4995 for an 8 seater, that typically carried a retail of over £11000. Another service they offer is Jet Shares.

Jet Shares are a way for their customers to purchase single seats onboard a private jet on routes in high demand. For example they have London to Chambery regularly for just £850pp. This is fully inclusive of baggage, food, drinks etc. and the plane will arrive and depart from VIP Private terminals. This is a great way for single/couples to get down to the Alps in comfort. They also offer routes back to London, Paris and further afield.

Founded by Charles Robinson, a young entrepreneur from London who started his firm whilst still in secondary school kicking it all off with one jet. Now, using the power of the internet in order to operate his company from anywhere, his list of jets is growing and expanding global reach. EAT LOVE SAVOR’s Editor in Chief Angela Tunner had the opportunity to speak with the founder and ask him questions about his company and vision.

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Charles Robinson, Founder and CEO

Q – How did you get your start working in the field of jet booking and what drew you to it, and to start this venture so young in life?

Aviation has been an interest of mine from a very young age, it’s natural as a boy to be into cars, planes, watches, boats and so the list goes on. So these interests really leads from one thing to another here I am today. After being fortunate enough to be able to fly privately my entire life, I was one day sat on the tarmac in Cannes with my father and wondered, ‘what happens when we get off, will anyone take it back’ and this then led me into my research of the market place and the realization that these empty flights home, or empty legs as they’re known, are a relatively un-tapped market.
So, at 17 I took the plunge, uninterested in most of the normal activities as a 17 year old boy such as playing rugby or football, I used my spare time to develop my business, JustJet. As wonderful as it would have been to go out and have a drink on a Saturday night with a group of chums, I focused on developing the brand and building my client base. It’s a passion of mine to do deals as a whole and so to me this has become something I’m wanting to do all day, every day, there is never a day off for any of us at JustJet!

Q – What is your company’s mission and vision?

The vision really is to change an industry being led by firms still acting as if it were 2004, email after email before you even get close to a booking. With us it’s just a few taps and you’re there, our primary source of sales being Instagram and WhatsApp. The thing that people in the industry don’t realise yet is the client age is getting younger and younger by the minute. My youngest client being a 17 year old! Now, do you really think they want to email or would they prefer messaging you as they would a friend…

My vision then is to change the way an entire industry evolves, but also to save money for our clients and allow them to realise they can afford to fly private! For example, we have flights down to Chambery this winter, which is the main private hub for the French alps, which will work out cheaper for a group of 6-8 than flying down on BA business to Geneva and getting a transfer over to the resorts such as Courchevel. So not only are we saving the clients money, but also time as Chambery is just a 1 hour transfer to Courchevel compared to the 4 hours from Geneva!

Q – Your company offers as it reads on your site “We don’t just sell you a flight, we offer a lifestyle”. What inspired you to create more of a lifestyle oriented service?

As a brand that sells a true luxury product, we have to set ourselves apart by offering a service which makes our clients feel part of something special. Naturally this just becomes more of a lifestyle service than just any old product. To put it simply, who doesn’t dream of one day flying on a private jet, there’s just something about it so enticing.

Q – Why did you decide to make it non-membership based?

The answer is simple, we didn’t need to. For me, it’s just too much to ask from a potential client to lock them into some kind of membership scheme whereby we have retainers etc. I much prefer the idea of being able to use our service as little or as much as you like, it really does open up private aviation to everyone.
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Q – Tell us how your service works and how those interested in booking with JustJet can do so.
So, we offer 3 separate services, empty legs, jet shares and finally, full charters. Empty legs are flights that are based on aircraft already repositioning to do a primary charter, for example a flight on a London based aircraft from London to Barcelona empty to collect primary passengers and bring them back to London. The empty leg is the flight down to Barcelona which we can get for up to 80% off! For example we have flights down to Chambery in prime times this winter for just £5500 for a brand new LearJet 75 (8 seater) instead of the RRP of £11500!

Jet shares are a service where clients are able to purchase just individual seats onboard select empty legs. Down to the alps this winter these start at just £850 per person. It really is the full service and all luggage and parking is included in the price onboard, on board you’ll find a full open bar and catering! There really is something for everyone in jet sharing with summer routes including Cannes, Ibiza and Mykonos.

Full charters are flights that are booked with a primary charterer, these can be requested and this best fits someone travelling multiple legs! However, our difference is being able to re-route empty legs to fit for a clients route on any date enabling them to fly private at a fraction of the cost on a fully custom route. All you have to do is simply request the flight and let us do the work!

If anyone would like to book it’s simple – visit our website www.JustJet.co.uk

If any of the empty legs are of interest just send over a message on WhatsApp +44 7786 707 046 and we can get it all secured for you. If it’s a Jet Share that is of interest then it is possible to just book straight through on the jet share pages and book within 2 minutes! We will then be in contact with all the relevant details. Of course clients can contact us 24/7 on email (booking@justjet.co.uk), WhatsApp/Phone (+44 7786 707046) or contact us on Instagram (@justjetuk).

If you’d like to be updated on our latest deals then I would suggest following us on Instagram or just send a message on WhatsApp and the team will get you added to our deals broadcast!



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