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Discover Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

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Greece’s largest and most spectacular Thermae Resort, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort holds remarkable distinction of being the world’s first.

Located directly on the seaside, perched on the south-west coast of Kassandra, Halkidiki, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort effortlessly combines the clear blue skies, golden sands and the welcoming waters of the Aegean. Each and every detail has been thoughtfully conceived allowing for wellness to run throughout the resort. Dramatically elevating the world of wellness, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is setting a new standard in healthy travel.

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Committed to offering wellness throughout, Miraggio Thermal Spa offers guests endless ways of enjoying a healthy holiday, including fitness related activities for children at Kid’s Planet, healthy menus, personal training, group work-out sessions, thermal and thalasso therapies as well as traditional spa treatments and nutritionally beneficial culinary offerings by partnering with “The Queen of Detox”, Amanda Hamilton.

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Deluxe Duplex Suite with Private Pool

Wellness is the Focus Throughout the Resort

Wellness and nutrition has been implemented across the resort – making wellbeing universal and a strong focus throughout the hotel. Be fully catered to when it comes to wellness at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. The Fitness Centre has all the latest equipment with guidance from expert Personal Trainers, as well as group fitness and movement classes, whether it is power walking, sunrise stretching, Pilates, cross training there is something for everyone. Children too, at the kid’s club, Kid’s Planet, children are invited to ‘grow well’ and participate in a variety of activities stimulating their senses and relaxing their minds. A special programme has been devised in conjunction with Worldwide Kids, where children can learn about the health benefits of thermal water in an interactive and fun way. Children will also take a ‘Miraggio Walk’, to enjoy the story behind Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort and take part in movement activities learning how to move well.

2.k. Deluxe Duplex Suite Private Pool - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor
Deluxe Duplex Suite with Private Pool

Wellness Waters Restore and Rejuvinate

It is well known that water is an extremely important element to life, and this is one Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort invites guests to explore through its ‘Signature Water Source Journey’. This journey takes you through the use of thalasso and thermal water sources. It includes the hydrotherapy circuit from the thalasso pool at 32°C to 4 contrast pools, each containing thermal source water pumped directly from a source below the spa. This water is hugely rich in minerals, ideal for treating skin and musculoskeletal disorders. The Thermal Well-Life Suite is a specific zone of hot and cold experiences, to be enjoyed together or separately before or between the use of the hydrotherapy pools. The journey will replenish and leave a feeling of rejuvenation in the body, staying with you even after leaving the spa.

Deluxe Duplex Suite with Private Pool - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor
Deluxe Duplex Suite with Private Pool

Wellness on your Plate

Amanda Hamilton has created menu selections which are available on every menu in every restaurant allowing guests to feel confident that what they order will be nutritious as well as delicious. The Greek diet is known the world over for its longevity and health benefits. Amanda has introduced her lighter diet programme with fresh nutrient-rich ingredients, utilizing the very best locally sourced produce from Halkidiki. The Myrthia Health Bar has an endless number of healthy, nutritious and delectable juices and snacks to choose from. No spa bar is complete without a Green Juice and Amanda’s ‘Green Power’ will not disappoint, as well as this guests can try the ‘Miraggio Intelligence’ a refreshing fusion of avocado, pear, lime and mint or the zesty ‘Feel Young Juice’.

miraggio wellness on your plate - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor

Snacks that can be sampled throughout the day include ‘Carrot energy balls’, ‘Seaweed crisps’ and ‘Raw Chocolate truffles’. With Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort’s philosophy and concept based around water, it’s no surprise the bar has its own dedicated water menu.

For more information visit http://www.miraggio.gr/

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