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Discover: Maison d’Lux, Ibiza Luxury Lifestyle Management

Ibiza’s Luxury Lifestyle Management, Maison d’Lux unveils new Private Membership concept, thus becoming the first members-only concierge on the island to serve the elite, whether residents or travelers.


[pullquote]“Creating a distinctive experience through luxury lifestyle management services is nothing out of the ordinary,” says Raluca Cherciu, Managing Director and co-founder. “However, tailoring the proper solution to the needs and demands of individual members, in an environment where even the simplest things can get complicated, is what makes Maison d’Lux unique. By enlisting Maison d’Lux concierge, you join the ranks of privileged individuals, who savour life’s luxuries, and demand only the very best.”[/pullquote] In the past recent years, Ibiza has seen an influx of A-list stars and wealthy business people, who are looking for personalised care and assistance. In order to cater to this growing demand, luxury concierge and lifestyle management service Maison d’Lux, has set a new standard for luxury lifestyle management services, by operating a ‘by invitation only’ policy.

Limited to two-hundred hand selected individuals from around the world, Maison d’Lux Personal and Corporate VIP Membership is flexible and can be tailored to each member’s needs.

The Maison d’Lux website has also gone through a transformation to introduce a variety of enhancements, such as a dedicated members’ platform, featuring Live Chat, Calendar Sync and Schedule Updates, designed to assist Members every step of the way and provide a better overall user experience.




Interview with Maison d’Lux Managing Director Raluca Cherciu

What inspired the founding of Maison d’Lux? What is your mission and vision? What sets your firm apart from other luxury lifestyle concierge services in the area?

Ibiza has become a magnet for Ultra High Net Worth individuals in the past few years and this kind of traveller has different expectations – more complex and more challenging.

We wanted to bring something new to the market, in order to cater to this type of client’s needs; launching the first members only luxury concierge in Ibiza and making sure that those members have the most unique and personalised services, all in the strictest confidence, allowing them to save the most precious thing they have – their time.

If you look too much into what others are doing you risk losing your focus – that which makes you different; so in reality, I don’t have a good idea of what other luxury concierges in Ibiza do. We had a very clear vision from the beginning of what Maison d’Lux should be like, and therefore we haven’t really invested any time into researching this (that is, what others do). Operating on a “by invitation only” policy we distanced ourselves from the run for customers – which is what characterises most other concierges – and therefore we are not competing with them in this area.

Maison d’Lux is based on the principle of an “haute couture” boutique agency, as I like to call it, where we focus on getting a deeper understanding of our members. We have limited our membership to 200 individuals so that we offer a truly personalised and impeccable service, 365 days a year.

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What can clients expect of your company’s services?

For sure our clients will not call us to collect their bags and towels from the beach; that is simply not what we are about. Rather we provide our personal and corporate members with the best that Ibiza has to offer in terms of luxury lifestyle, entertainment and business opportunities. On top of this, they can expect complete discretion – something we consistently deliver.

If you were to curate a delicious and luxuriously relaxing visit to Ibiza, what would you suggest?

Well, of course this is insider information. You would have to become one of our members to find that out!

There are various beautiful venues that are good for a relaxing holiday. However most of our members prefer services such as massages, yoga classes, beauty treatments and healthy organic food delivered straight to their villa or yachts. We of course, organise various experiences such as private trips to the hidden oasis and other island secrets, which are usually accessible only by boat or a steep hike. This could include activities such as; golf days, diving, hiking, healing retreats and the like.



In your opinion, what is the state of luxury lifestyle concierge services industry and what do you predict for its future?

Generally speaking, the luxury lifestyle concierge services industry is lacking in market statistics, as the sector is fairly new. However, it is rapidly expanding as the demand for these kinds of services is increasing. In the past luxury consisted mostly of one’s material wealth and goods, as well as being able to live a life of comfort. The requirements of today’s luxury traveller are ever changing and whilst those older values, needs and wants will never go away entirely, we now hear much more about “experiential travel”. [pullquote]Guests today are placing a great deal more importance on what they have experienced versus what they have been able to purchase. [/pullquote]The luxury sector was not hit as hard by the economic crisis; the truth is actually quite the opposite as it is experiencing one of its best moments due to a flood of liquidity from monetary policies all over the world. All these elements are playing in favour of the luxury lifestyle concierge services industry and in addition there is Ibiza itself, where the luxury sector also enjoys a particularly good time at the moment. Based on some insider information, we came to understand that, from all of the super yachts in the world over 20% have visited Ibiza in 2014. These are impressive numbers and it looks promising for the future.



What do you wish that people knew about using concierge services?

Beware of what you ask for – getting used to having everything sorted for you becomes addictive, and you will never want to have it any other way!

Other than the legendary nightlife for which Ibiza is known, what are some of the other unknown appeals to the area?

Ibiza is mainly being advertised as a party destination and therefore someone who has not been to Ibiza before can get the wrong impression. Whilst the famous nighttime spots are popular, for the discerning visitor, the “White Island” has so much more to offer. If you want to get away from some of the hustle and bustle why not try one of the white-sand beaches or take a trip up to see quaint hilltop villages. Alternatively, you might like the busyness and colour of the local hippy markets or sampling the delicious, world-class cuisine. This can also be a great location for a relaxing holiday as well because of some unique spas and a lot of healthy food restaurants and retreats. All in all, there are a number of very good reasons to make Ibiza your destination this year.


Maison d’Lux is by invitation only. How would a prospective member go about receiving an invitation?

Maison d’Lux is limited to 200 members worldwide, forever. We truly are a members’ club, so we welcome our founding members to refer like-minded individuals and make the club their own. Of course, each prospective member has to go through a verification process before his or her membership is confirmed.

CONTACT , C/ dela Cuesta 3, 07819, IBIZA, BALEARIC ISLANDS


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