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Discover: Luxury Linen: Great Sheets for a Luxuriously Better Sleep

woman lying in luxury sheetsOh the luxurious feeling of waking up draped in amazing sheets and getting a good night’s sleep.

Good sleep has powerfully positive effects to our mood and sense of being and simply feels wonderful. Ensure a good nights sleep and ultimate comfort with a good bed draped in sumptuous luxury linen that invites you to fall deeply into an uninterrupted state of slumber and pleasant dreams.

Rejuvenate Yourself: Choosing to Sleep in Luxury Linens

Choose quality and importance into creating a dream place to sleep so that nightly you’re enjoying a wonderful bedtime experience. While slipping into a beautifully arranged bed is wonderful, what you make your bed up with makes all the difference and choosing quality linen is unparalleled. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing luxury linen. The first thing you need to look at is weave. Percale and sateen are the two most popular weaves and the two main options in luxury linen.  Thread count refers to the amount of threads that fit vertically and horizontally within a square inch of fabric. A higher thread count means a softer more durable surface and can be a valuable gauge for choosing luxurious bedding but is not the only test. Bear in mind that the higher the thread count the thinner the thread which can cause it to break more easily. As for the fabric, Egyptian cotton makes for a luxuriously soft and durable set of bed linen.

With Luxury Linen, Slip Into Your Own Five Star Bed

Sleeping in a bed found in a high-end hotel is an unforgettable experience. Although you may not have a maid to make up your bed in the morning or offer you turn down service in the evening, it is possible to create your own five-star bed. The well-known Italian luxury fabric company Frette is synonymous with luxurious bedding gracing some of the most magnificent hotels around the world, and is available for consumer purchase. Their sheets are made from fabulous Egyptian cotton with thread counts of 200. Exuding simple elegance, their sheets are characteristically decorated with beautiful tone-on-tone designs and tailored trims. They suggest owning a few sets to appropriately rotate your sheets between washing. Choosing luxurious bedding can be a worthwhile investment and will help give years of peaceful sleeping. Many luxury hotel chains also offer their own brands of linen available for sale to use in your home.

What’s your favorite luxury linen?

by Lisa Pike

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