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Discover: The House of ELEH – One of the Oldest Shoemaker Families in the World

ELEH since 1840 shoes - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorFrom one of the oldest families of shoemakers in the world, ELEH shoemakers since 1840, combines contemporary design with the heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

Beginning in a lovely village with a strong expertise on shoe craftsmanship, Viana do Alentejo, the family is established in Lisbon since the 50’s. The House of ELEH is a shop, an atelier and a showroom, located in a charming Art Deco neighborhood in the heart of Lisbon where it has been for over fifty years is considered a sanctuary for shoe lovers.

ELEH shoes family photo - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorGenerations of Personalized Service and Passion

Eighth generation Miguel and Helena Amante grew up in the family atelier in Lisbon, a magical playground and backdrop for their childhood, being around shoes and boxes under the attentive eye of their grandfather. They grew up to be passionate about the craft, launching ELEH as their trademark for everlasting thoughtful design. It was their intention from the start to set themselves apart apart from massified ephemeral trends, creating their own unique aesthetic.They launched in a series of Design Collections, exclusive editions without expiration date, to be enjoyed for years to come. Masters in customization and made-to-measure shoes for generations, their customers benefit from in-house Concierge service, offering a personal expert advice to design the shoes of their dreams.

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Value the Luxury of Time and Craftsmanship

Their shoes are created with great respect for those who value individuality and artisanship as in the make up of their values is embedded a wisdom that is becoming ultimately rare in shoe business: to make shoes with the luxury of time and a soulful comprehension of the craft and design. With a proud and long running tradition that dates back to the industrial era, their history reads like a 175 year old shoe love affair. Generation after generation, their heritage has been passed on through bottier ateliers.eleh shoes capricorn - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savor

“Bottier” is a unique and exclusive piece, meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, combining the techniques of craftsmanship with the most sophisticated technologies in the pursuit of perfection and to achieve the highest professional quality, detail rich and timeless, stylish design

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Simplicity and Uniqueness

ELEH, named after the designer expresses Helena’s fondness for a casual chic aesthetic, with enough uniqueness to draw attention, while remaining eternally chic. Their pledge for simplicity and uniqueness that comes with experience, they breaks down classic shaping with a twist, combining audacious layering and iconic details. Imbued with the nonchalant ambience that characterizes port cities, bringing together easiness and sophistication,
empowered by a slightly irreverent feeling.

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The secrets of foot tailoring and functional optimization go into each model oriented towards a perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality. Obsessed over providing the best wearability experience, each pair of shoes is exhaustively studied to fit perfectly. With a meticulous concern for ergonomics, ELEH envisions the luxury of comfort as one of the most beautiful and challenging aspects from the art of the craft.

Contact: The House of ELEH, Avenida Ressano Garcia 11 D-F | Lisboa, http://www.eleh1840.com/

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