Discover: Duke of Luxury. Purveyor of brand-new Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags

Hermès handbags are highly desired in the world of absolute luxury accessories. They are also proven valuable, investment worthy pieces difficult to obtain.

Depending on the piece, there are year-long wait lists in order to purchase. Each one of these limited edition hand made bags is a status symbol as well as an iconic luxury item. For those in the know, there is a specialty service company designed to serve the demanding high net worth in this area, they contact the “Duke of Luxury‘.

We had the great pleasure of speaking with the founders of this fine firm about the origins of their unique service and curiously named company. Founded by two individuals Anne and her silent partner, who both share in the love for Hermès, and for exceptional service. In keeping with their core principles that includes discretion, we are withholding her last name and the name of the silent partner from publication.

In Conversation with the Duke of Luxury

ELS – What is the vision for Duke of Luxury?

Duke of Luxury is a purveyor of brand-new Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags to a global clientele who wish to make their dreams come true and skip the waitlists.

With a personal lifestyle manager assigned to each client, Duke of Luxury offers the most exclusive and tailored way of securing the world’s most coveted Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbag. While Duke of Luxury grows its global reach and operations it does so by remaining true to its core founding principles, authenticity, loyalty and trust.

Duke of Luxury* was founded with a simple, yet a challenging goal, making the world most coveted handbags available to our customers while skipping the years-long waiting lists.

I can relate with many of my customers. I was one of them waiting in line on a cold and rainy morning outside the flagship Paris store a few years ago. I hoped to get an appointment with a leather department sales associate, as did the 50 wishful clients ahead of me that day. I did not get one, and so I kept going back every now and then hoping to get my dream Hermès bag. Eventually, I got my first Hermès Birkin after a few years waiting (and possibly quite a few Euros spent afterwards).

I remembered some of the requests I received when I worked for a world leading concierge company and could relate to my own experience. I started helping friends and family in securing their dream bags at first, which very rapidly evolved into more and more word of mouth. Today, we still pride ourselves in operating in a truly discrete, tailored, and family-like fashion. Most of our customers have become friends, we meet some of them when we’re in the same cities, we wish their kids happy birthdays, its genuinely a unique relationship we have built with our customers over time.

ELS – Who is the ideal Duke of Luxury client?

There is no ‘ideal’ customer. Each request is unique, and it is always such a great pleasure to realize some of our clients’ dream. If I had to pick only one of the best moments in the whole process, I think it is when I receive clients’ feedback after they open the ‘Orange’ box and discover their bag. Despite the number of bags sold, I am always getting the very same feeling every time we fulfill our client’ request.

Paris, France – March 2, 2020: Pink leather Hermes handbag – streetstylefw20

ELS – What is the origin of your curious name?

When our company first began operating, we went by another name. At that time we had a client who happened to be a Duke, unbeknownst to us, until his second purchase. The connection inspired us to change the name, and when we asked him if he was happy for us to include ‘Duke’ in our name which we felt was very a propos, he quite agreed and we thereafer changed the name of our company to Duke of Luxury.

*Duke of Luxury is an independent dealer and is not affiliated with the brands.

Should you be interested in hiring the services of the Duke of Luxury in the acquisition of your desired brand-new Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags…

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They Speak English, Arabic and French





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