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Döttling Collectors Room

Döttling safes are all around the world at home among selected connoisseurs and fans of the finest metalworking craft. Crafted from the Döttling manufactory in Sindelfingen, which was founded in 1919 – in the heart of a region known for German ingenuity and engineering excellence. Legendary companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Bosch have their roots here and are still based in the area today.

The luxury watch manufacturer Grieb & Benzinger and the chainsaw pioneer Stihl are also located here. Being surrounded by these fine companies both inspires and motivates them. In this environment, Döttling restores and builds its safes with elaborate craftsmanship. What makes these objects so unique is Döttling’s standards of unparalleled beauty and unique quality. Now in its fourth generation, the company shares these standards with its customers, putting them into practice every day.

Handcrafted for Fit, Form, Function and Everlasting Style

Beauty, functionality, precision and protection go into each safe that will hold your treasures. When Döttling uses the word “handcraft” is a literal term, because their quality safes are actually made quite traditionally by hand. The masterpieces they create in concert with the passion of their restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters, and security specialists with the requirements and preferences of our customers, creates an individual masterpiece that captivates generations due to its functionality and beauty.

Luxury Safes Collection

Dottling pauline-luxury-safe
Döttling Pauline


Pauline, named after the oldest daughter of the company’s owner, Markus Döttling, may be one of the smallest Döttling luxury safe by dimensions, but it is a giant when it comes to aesthetics and quality. Outwardly, it is a tribute to the extravagant luxury of the Belle Époque. However, its inner life is entirely tailored to a highly sophisticated clientele. In addition to perfectly crafted drawers for jewelry and documents, it houses a portable jewelry case, which can optionally be equipped with a GPS transmitter.

Döttling Liberty Barcelona


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – one of the most famous and influential architects of the modern era – created a milestone in the history of design in 1929 with the Barcelona Chair. With the Liberty Barcelona, we’ve created a luxurious safe that is unmistakably inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s masterpiece. Just like the original, it combines perfect form with masterful functionality. The design icon’s combination of materials – stainless steel and leather – is reflected in the Liberty Barcelona. All the fittings are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel. The body of the quality safe is covered with the finest calfskin, while a state-of-the-art electronic lock protects the interior of the Liberty Barcelona, where the safe houses 12 precision watch winders as well as three drawers. One of the drawers is equipped with ten watch cushions for extra storage. Naturally, customers are also given the option of varying interior fittings or colors on request.


Döttling Antique Safes – Legends No. 109


Created by the Hartbrich brothers in Berlin, Legends safe no. 109 is a monumental piece of contemporary German history from the year 1892. Today, the intricate coats of arms, which were placed on the inside of both doors and embellished with 24-karat gold leaf, pay testimony to its creators. The highly decorative locking mechanism can only be bolted with three different, distinctly complex keys. After we reach the interior, the safe unveils a vault with 25 automatic watch winders as well as a base cabinet for jewelry — both made of high-gloss poplar burl. To the surprise of many, the exterior of this masterpiece has been completely manufactured in steel. With painstaking handiwork, hundreds of layers of beer glaze were added one after the other to the surfaces, producing a deceptively perfect walnut veneer.

Döttling Antique Safes – Legends No. 124


1878 Legends safe no. 124 is a piece by the art metal works of  J. Janssens/Turnhout in Belgium and was built in 1878. With its four-letter combination lock, the safe was technically state-of-the-art for its time. Its interior consists of a combination of humidor compartments and a cocktail bar. The wooden appearance of the steel cabinet is unique; even experts can hardly tell it from real wood on sight alone. Hundreds of layers of faux bois glaze were applied meticulously by hand to the surfaces to attain the optimal effect of wood grain, which perfectly accentuates the 24-karat gold-plated fittings and applications.


Döttling Touch and Move Watch Winder


With to their compact design, Döttling Touch & Move precision watch winders are perfect for installation in confined spaces – including safes, wall units, display cases, counters, shelves, and much more. The innovative Touch & Move technology ensures that each watch winder in a panel can be controlled individually: rotational speed, rotational direction, rest periods, and also speed winding are individually programmable. Thanks to their small dimensions, the control surface of the Touch & Move precision watch winders can be integrated directly into the watch winder panel or elegantly integrated into another location in the room. Only one cable is required to connect the panel and the Touch & Move control unit. As with all the products from the Döttling manufactory, their Touch & Move precision watch winders can be customized with a personal design. There are a wide range of accessories is available for this, including diverse decorative rings, refined control buttons, or the finest leather upholstery.


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