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The extraordinary life and strength of the Rose of Granville in Dior Prestige offers outstanding simultaneous regenerative and skin-enhancing action to completely revitalise the skin and activate the senses. There is something that leaves the skin so wonderfully smooth and fresh with the use of roses. Roses have been used in skincare for thousands of years and have never failed to leave the skin feeling soft and nourished. Using more than one product infused with rose has been known to create simply sublime results especially on skin that is prone to dryness. Not to mention the wonderful scent that uplifts the senses.

The Dior Institute application technique

According to Dior their Institut recommends the steps for best care of the face using a series of application techniques designed to maximize the efficiency of your daily skincare routine. Step 1 is to remove make up, Step 2 is to purify and Step 3 is to exfoliate.

dior prestige cleansing balm
Photo courtesy of Dior
DIOR PRESTIGE Cleansing Balm
Dior Prestige has produced a new prepping procedure for the skin: the Washing Ritual. Le Baume Démaquillant, their cleansing balm, is the first important step in this process, enriched with rose, for a completely clean and immediately more beautiful skin free from impurities leaving skin feeling extremely smooth, supple and very comfortable.
photo courtesy of Dior
DIOR PRESTIGE Micellar mousse
Micellar mousse is enriched with rose micelles, removing any remaining makeup after the make up removal process, as makeup today particularly long-lasting formulas cling to the skin making it necessary to double cleanse. This mousse  cleanses and purifies the skin vigorously so that you can experience the pleasure of beautiful skin every day by leaving your skin bursting with freshness, the skin looks and feels pure, clean, full of vitality.
photo courtesy of Dior
Thanks to its formulation of sugar micro-crystals, Dior Prestige Le Sucre de Gommage gently exfoliates the skin and polishes its surface leaving the texture of the skin spectacularly smooth and polished giving it an instantly glow with radiance revealing it with the softness of a rose petal.


Some other products in the Dior Prestige line to enhance your skincare regime include:

dior prestige rose lotion
photo courtesy of Dior
DIOR PRESTIGE La Lotion Essence de Rose
The critical first step in the Dior Prestige skincare routine, La Lotion Essence de Rose helps restore the vitality of the skin. For the first time, this face lotion blends the vital essence of the Rose de Granville flowers with the vital essence and revitalising strength of its buds. United at the heart of this new lotion, the essence of rose flowers and buds activates three modes of energy flow that are important to the beauty of the skin: warmth, hydration and nutrition. Their formulation, La Lotion Essence de Rose blends the nourishing richness of  the milky texture with the energising power of the lotion in a 94 percent natural-origin formula.
dior prestige rose oil
photo courtesy of Dior

DIOR PRESTIGE La micro-huile de rose

Inspired by nutritional supplements, La Micro-Huile de Rose is the first Dior micronutrient supplement to refresh your skin with exceptional capacity. This revolutionary skincare delivers over 20 micro-nutrients essential to the skin’s strength and beauty, including minerals, trace elements, omega-3, and vitamin E. Its next generation texture offers the penetrating power of the serum and the comfort of the oil. In each bottle, over 10,000 Rose micro-pearls* release the micro-nutritive richness of Rose de Granville onto the skin. It is a shot of nourishment for visibly revitalized skin that is full of life.
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