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A family legacy of excellence

Established 1860

Established in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard (1836-1915) at the age of 24, he was the son of a farmer from Sonvilier, who quickly conquered Switzerland and the world.

The artisan watchmaker created works of art, innovative designs, which helped him early on export to such illustrious places as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia’s court. Precision and dependability were highly sought-after qualities in watches dating all the way back to the nineteenth century and Louis-Ulysse Chopard aimed to fulfill and exceed these “desires” with unique chronometers and pocket watches.

Chopard achieved success early on having established a reputation for dependable and high-quality Swiss-made watches thanks to its superb timekeepers. Chopard won two prestigious commissions from the start, becoming the official watch provider for «Tir Fédéral» and the Swiss Railway Company.

Strength of the Family Legacy

As the company grew, it stayed in the family, from one generation to the next. Paul-Louis Chopard (1859-1940), Louis-Ulysse’s son, took over the company reins in 1915 and built a branch at La-Chaux-de-Fonds, a neighbouring industrial town that would subsequently become the company’s headquarters. And yet another move occured when he relocated the company to Geneva, the international watchmaking and economic centre, a few years later, in 1937. A strategic move for the company.

Another family member took over when Paul-Louis Chopard’s son, Paul-André Chopard (1898-1968), succeeded his father in 1943. These postwar times were difficult and the company, which had only five employees at the time, was unfortunately in decline. It was at that time that Paul-André began to explore selling his company in the 1960s because unfortunately none of his sons were interested in following in his footsteps. This moment was one that would be a turning point for the brand.

From One Family to Another the Journey Continued

It just so happened that at the time Paul-Louis was looking for a buyer, in Pforzheim, Germany, Karl-Scheufele III, a goldsmith and watchmaker, the son and grandson of businessmen, was working to expand ESZEHA, his jewellery and watch company. He pondered purchasing a Swiss manufacturer because he was reliant on suppliers for his watch movements. With this in mind, he placed an ad in the media and travelled to Geneva to meet with potential leads. He contacted the last individual on his list on the last day of his trip and met Paul-André Chopard. Karl Scheufele recognised from the moment they met this was a match, and the deal was sealed a mere thirty minutes later.

Building of an Empire and Leader in Luxury

Karl Scheufele III would go on to lift Chopard out of its dormancy and build an empire, thanks to his father and grandfather’s commercial acumen and passion for travel. In 1957 Karl married Karin Ruf. Her father Fritz Ruf, was a dynamic entrepreneur who was a key supporter of the young couple’s success. Purchasing a manufacture allowed the goldsmiths of Pforzheim to enter the exclusive circle of major Swiss watchmakers.

Chopard began to shimmer and shine into a long and illustrious future as a leading, family-held luxury brand and makers of fine jewelry and watches and they still do. The internationally renowned brand excels in the field of jewelry and watches made for connoisseurs who appreciate fine craftsmanship, innovation, excellence in form, fit, function and ‘fashion’. Each of their pieces exudes timelessness.

As leading luxury brand in the modern world they decided to commit to the Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a long-term programme to ensure responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain, as an extension of their membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council. Due to the fact that each substance has a unique environmental and social impact, they do due diligence in accordance with international standards.

L.U.C men’s timepieces represent the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. The manufacture of L.U.C watches takes place entirely in the Maison’s Geneva and Fleurier facilities. The goals of the modern gentleman are matched by these excellent watches resulting from painstaking craftsmanship.

Excellence in Watches and Jewelry Continues

Chopard is an exceptional watch brand, one of the top five most recognised Swiss watch brands in the world, as well as the 23rd most valuable Swiss brand among all Swiss companies according to Interbrand. Located in Fleurier, in the Swiss Canton of Neuchâtel, they established their own complete watch movement production facility. All of Chopard’s movements had previously been constructed from third-party components. The Fleurier movements were designed specifically for Chopard’s high-end timepieces.

The family is dedicated to their pursuit of excellence and in creating beautiful, exceptionally well made watches and jewelry. Since its inception, the Maison’s development strategy has been guided by its independence, which has been made possible by a family shareholding structure. This is exemplified by the highest level of vertical integration in the watch business. Chopard produces everything it sells at one of its three factories, which is a rare occurrence in the industry. This guideline goes hand in hand with a craftsmanship culture. There are now more than 50 abilities, including some of the rarest and most challenging, mastered in the Maison’s workshops. They allow for more creative freedom and innovation, as well as a never-ending pursuit of excellence, ensuring the greatest level of quality.

They are well-known for a variety of reasons. Aside from haute joaillerie and watches, Chopard is the official timekeeper for the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, sponsors the ‘Trophée Chopard’ prized trophy and Palme d’Or trophy at the Cannes international film festival, and the Diamond award at the World Music Awards.



Signature Design- Happy Diamonds

One of their best known designs is “Happy Diamonds“, free-floating diamonds behind two sapphire glasses. This free flowing display of diamonds design Chopard has been a recognised design since it was first seen starting in 1976, when the Happy Diamonds line revolutionised the watch industry. There are designs for everyday and haute joaillerie options.

Caring for your Chopard Watch

Cleaning: Before cleaning your watch (water-resistant models only), double-check that the crown and pushers are properly pushed back in and/or screwed, depending on the model. We recommend washing the watch with liquid soap and rinsing it under running water on a regular basis, especially if it is frequently used in salt water. Furthermore, using chemical products to clean a watch is not recommended because it may damage the strap/bracelet and the water-resistance gaskets. Cleaning jewelry options: Water-resistance is not guaranteed for jewellery models with mobile elements (e.g., diamonds, gold letters, etc.) between one or two sapphire crystals. This means that any contact with alcohol-based products (perfumes, creams, etc.) as well as immersion in fresh or sea water should be avoided.

Winding: Hand-Winding Movement: To keep a hand-wound watch running smoothly, the crown must be wound on a regular basis. This operation can be performed at any time of day without endangering the movement. Manual winding is complete when the crown exhibits some resistance. It is therefore critical not to force the crown past this point in order to avoid causing damage to the movement. Because they have a “slipping spring” system fitted to the barrel, some L.U.C. models can be wound indefinitely. When the barrel is completely rewound, this system prevents the winding from locking and the barrel spring from breaking due to excessive spring tension.

Winding: Self-Winding Movement: Wrist movements are crucial in winding a self-winding watch. The energy expended in winding such a mechanical movement is stored in the barrel spring(s) via the oscillating weight, ensuring a sufficient reserve of power that is then released as needed. When a self-winding watch is not worn for a certain amount of time, the movement stops because the barrel(s) do not have enough energy to keep the movement going. Before it can be worn again, the watch must be manually wound by turning the crown several times clockwise to accumulate a sufficient power reserve.

Movement maintenance: The movement of a Chopard watch requires special attention. To ensure its performance, it must be serviced on a regular basis by an authorised Chopard service centre.

Audacious and Inventive, a Luxury Brand with Heart

Chopard’s ingenuity and originality are fueled by audacity and inventiveness. They meet and mix when work and inspiration come together as a driving force, underlying the Maison’s tenacity and determination, as well as its winning and adventurous attitude and culture of courage. Chopard offers a particular emotional depth through the essence of the Maison as well as its exquisite goods, which is driven by an unquenchable enthusiasm for beauty and life. This is true for both the wearer and the donor.

Pleasure and joie de vivre are ingrained in Chopard’s DNA, ensuring that its creations continuously radiate good energy, accompanying clients in their most memorable moments. The heart, that signature Chopard design enlivening the Happy Hearts collection and embodying the Maison’s extremely active humanitarian policy, symbolises this acknowledgment of intrinsic personal value as well as that of others.


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