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Chateau Hoschberg Gregoire Gardette

Château Hochberg, originally named Château Teutsch after the family that had it built, is located on the site of the former Hochberg glassworks, which closed down in 1868. The last owners of the works, Victor and Edouard Teutsch, commissioned the building of this magnificent residence between 1863 and 1866.

In keeping with the Second Empire style from the epoch of Napoleon III, Château Hochberg features imposing façades decorated with bands of pink sandstone, large-scale windows and handsome wrought iron balconies. For a number of years, the Hochberg glassworks was the centre of the Teutsch family’s professional commitments but also of their daily life, particularly that of Edouard Teutsch. He was fervent in his opposition to the annexation of Alsace and Lorraine by Germany. Nevertheless, he got himself elected as a member of the German parliament, the Reichstag, for the Saverne constituency. In 1874, he made a blistering speech of protest criticising the cession of territory.

Chateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_10_BD - - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savorAfter that, he returned to France. Appointed to the position of Paymaster General by the French Republic, he left Wingen-sur-Moder and served in Auch, Mâcon, Epinal and finally Nancy where he took his retirement. From that time onwards, the Teutsch family stayed at the Château only during the summer. Following the death of Edouard Teutsch in 1908, the Château was sold. It passed through the hands of various owners and was classified as a historic building in 1996. In 2014, it was bought by Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO of Lalique.

This manor house, which is closely linked with the traditions and savoir-faire of glassmaking, which are at the origins of Maison Lalique, is undergoing a renaissance. It opens on 12 August 2016 as a hotel aiming to obtain four-star status, complemented by an elegant modern bistro with a high quality creative cuisine that is reasonably priced. A new chapter in the story of Château Hochberg is opening to provide locals and visitors alike with a convivial destination and a complementary offer close to Villa René Lalique, the ultra-sophisticated hotel and gourmet restaurant awarded with two Michelin stars.

Suites Lalique Chateau Hochberg Gregoire Gardette - - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor
Suites Lalique

About The Hotel

Château Hochberg is ideally located, opposite the Lalique Museum, surrounded by a park covering 1.7 hectares. It houses a hotel and restaurant, where hosts Réjean and Marika Thévenot will be pleased to welcome guests and ensure their time at the Château is a memorable experience. Even before entering through the high and imposing black gates of the property, visitors are captivated by the sight of the majestic building glimpsed at the end of the central tree-lined avenue. Climbing the steps to the main entrance, visitors are clearly aware that they are entering a place charged with history and that the spirit and soul of the building has been preserved.

Following the corridors and walls of the Château, passing a number of Dahlia motifs illuminated by a thousand scintillating points of light, one will discover fifteen rooms and suites in four categories, depending on their size and furnishings.

18 to 21 m2
These four extremely cosy rooms are cocoons of comfort and well-being.

19 to 23 m2
These four rooms extend onto small balconies, allowing guests a private glimpse of the surrounding park and the chance to savour its beauty.

25 to 30 m2
Five spacious master bedrooms inviting guests to make the most of their stay.

38 to 41 m2
Luxurious and welcoming, the two suites can accommodate two adults with one child
up to 12 years of age.

Terrasses du Chateau Chateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_21_BD - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor
Terrasses du Chateau, Chateau Hochberg

Decoration in Collaboration with Lalique Interior Design Studio

The restoration and decoration of the Château are the fruit of a close collaboration between Lalique Interior Design Studio, directed by Adeline Lunati, and Christine and Nicola Borella, founders of the Borella Art Design agency. The Studio offers architects and designers an exclusive range of high-end projects integrating crystal elements in spatial concepts. The agency is renowned for its expertise in developing concepts and realising customised projects in the luxury hotel and high-end gastronomy sector.

chateau hochberg chambre des verriers - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor
Chambre des Verriers

Unique Concept for the Chateau

Lalique Interior Design Studio developed and realised a unique concept for Château Hochberg. The world of Lalique is brought to life with great finesse and a contemporary feel through the play of light created by panels in glass and crystal and Lalique mirrors placed in the rooms and communal areas of the establishment. Borella Art Design has given elegant expression to the concept, integrating crystal in an environment that is consistent with the world of Lalique.

Light, Color and Crystal Interplay in Harmony, Elegance and Softness

Entering the lobby, visitors are greeted by a space where the transparency and purity of crystal combine with the light colours of the furniture to create an atmosphere of harmony and softness. The reception desk, sculpted from a single block of white quartz and ornamented with laurel motifs, is suffused with soft, warm lighting and further enhanced by the choice of colour scheme in shades of grey and white. The decorative laurel panels on the walls were created by René Lalique in 1923 to grace the carriages of the Orient Express, which took travellers from the banks of the Seine to the shores of the Bosporus. The Versailles parquet flooring, which welcomes visitors from the reception area passing through the bar, reinforces this air of elegance.

bar Chateau Hochberg Gregoire Gardette - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savorAbout the Bar

The attention of guests entering the Château is drawn to the imposing bar, which dominates the lobby. Sculpted, like the reception desk, from a single block of white quartz, it was custom-designed and topped with a glass panel decorated with seven dahlia motifs. Dahlias, and flowers in general, are motifs that appear frequently in the work of René Lalique. The flowers, enhanced by touches of black enamel are animated by the play of light in the transparency of the petals.

The crystal elements of the bar, with their contrasting effects of opacity and transparency, pay homage to the master glassmaker. A sumptuous crystal chandelier, designed by the Windfall lighting company, is a dominant element in the composition. The suspended crystals that illuminate the dahlia panel are a fabulous spectacle. The glass cabinets that surround the bar add a contemporary note, offering guests a view of the wide display of wine decanters and bottles.

À la carte: There is a selection of 80 fine wines from around the world for tasting by the glass. The wines were selected by Romain Iltis, Chef Sommelier of Villa René Lalique – awarded the titles of ‘Meilleur Sommelier de France’ in 2012 and ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ in 2015 – to create perfect matches between dishes and wines in the restaurant and offer the benefit of his rich fund of experience in all things wine in the bar.
The velvet armchairs that grace the salon in subdued colours invite wine lovers to relax in this space where fellowship and sharing are the watchwords.

Chateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_15_BD - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savorAbout the Restaurant

The restaurant at Château Hochberg is divided into three dining rooms – Dahlia, Ombelle and Venise – creating convivial, welcoming spaces for guests to feel at ease.

The Dahlia room, situated at the rear of the Château, features a magnificent ancient fireplace, surmounted by a mirror bordered with the flower motif of the same name. The gardens outside the room are reflected in the mirror, flooding the space with an extraordinary light.

Ombelle is more intimate, with panels bearing airy, poetic motifs. The dining room is situated on the west side of the building, looking over the park in front of the Château. It is dominated by the Orgue chandelier, with three tiers of lamps that swathe the surroundings in a soft radiance.

The Venise room, as the eponymous panel suggests, is inspired by the souvenirs and passion for travel of Lalique’s founder. This room is also used to serve breakfast.
All three rooms are beautifully furnished and, in keeping with the Lalique tradition, enhanced by an interplay of materials and light, which informs them with a warm and appealing atmosphere. The tables, chairs and sideboards in dark wood with graphic lines and the natural elegance of raw materials such as American walnut were created and designed by Borella Art Design. The ensemble is elegantly set off by Lalique pieces, notably the Eternal crystal panels, a collaboration between Lalique and the British artist of world renown, Damien Hirst.

In this warmly attractive, modern restaurant with 60 covers, Chef Eric Frieden has devised a menu that exudes the spirit of “bistro chic”.

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Chef Eric Frieden and Chef Jerome Schilling

On the menu: creative cuisine of great refinement based on local, seasonal produce offered by Jérôme Schilling, Executive Chef of the two-star restaurant at Villa René Lalique.

The Alsatian terroir has a place of honour on the menu – a joint creation of the chefs – where each dish reveals the personality of the two men. The objective is to discover or rediscover the natural ingredients, without falsifying their authentic taste, to create a culinary experience where the dishes and accompanying wines selected by Romain Iltis achieve a perfect harmony.

Chateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_28_BD - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savorChateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_25_BD - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savor

Chateau_Hochberg_Gregoire_Gardette_14_BD - luxury lifestyle magazine eat love savorIn this work, it is the motif of the butterfly – close to the hearts of René Lalique and Damien Hirst, both sharing a sense of the its magical and paradoxical beauty, ephemeral and eternal at the same time – presented in three forms: Hope, Love and Beauty, preserving the image in crystal for all eternity. The creations add an artistic note and a refined touch of colour to these living spaces.

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Reception / Lobby

About the Lalique Interior Design Studio

The Studio’s expertise is focused on the development and realisation of special projects integrating crystal elements in spatial concepts. It combines the heritage of crystal manufacture with the modernity of its creations to produce unique panels that are an expression of timeless luxury.

“In my work, I associate the unique and precious character of the world of Lalique with quite specific features. The purpose of our interior design work is to breathe life into the spaces we design,” explains Adeline Lunati, who heads the Lalique Interior Design Studio. The concept at the heart of each project is to enhance the space. In each case, crystal plays a central role, following the creative approach developed by René Lalique. All the pieces are produced to this day at the Lalique manufacturing site at Wingen-sur-Moder. Creations at the cutting edge of design and innovation see the light of day as part of interior design projects for such as private homes, restaurants, luxury hotels and yachts. In each one of these projects, the panels and crystal elements produced by Lalique form the exclusive creations that structure the space, adding their light and precious character to the locations.

Experience this Elegantly Designed Hotel and Restaurant

The Château Hochberg offers a total olfactory luxurious experience, to dine, rest, indulge and surround yourself with ethereal beauty in an olfactory, welcoming, peaceful, delicious and gracious manner.

2, rue du Château Teutsch – 67290 – Wingen-sur-Moder – France
Château Hochberg is opposite the Lalique Museum and five minutes from Villa René Lalique.

For information and for bookings visit or +33(0)


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