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Discover: Champagne GARDET, Wines of Unimpeachable Quality

champagne gardet with roses

Maison Gardet, Epernay was founded in the late 19th century by shopkeeper and adventurous man Charles Gardet.

His son Georges Gardet moved into a Belle Epoque residence in Chigny-les-Roses in the 1930s with the very precise aim to develop the Champagne Gardet brand, whilst continuing to supply wines of unimpeachable quality. He focused his methods on the secular champagne making rules: a high-quality grape supply and winemaking process fully oriented towards excellence. His intention to respect this tradition is still at the heart of the current owners preoccupations – the Prieux family. They carry on this fine tradition, and with attachment to their roots and to the Champagne region, the family has been working in the arboricultural and agricultural for years; passing on their love for the land from generation to generation. These values have shaped the family spirit, which is now perpetuated by Christophre Prieux, President of Maison Gardet and Olivier Legendre, Managing Director, who are maintaining the quality and character of their champagnes year after year whilst taking advantage of the latest technological innovations in order to master even more fully every parameter of ‘méthode champagnoise’ winemaking.

The essence of Maison Gardet’s expertise lies in this balance between traditional and modernity and this balance is what defines the Gardet style.

Champagne Gardet Brut ReserveBRUT RESERVE

A Champagne with both upstrokes and downstrokes, full-bodied and dense… An elegant champagne that gives a feeling of consistency, creaminess, structure and balance; it perfectly expresses the dual signatures of the Gardet style, modernity and tradition. Technical notes: Brut Reserve is two thirds Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with one third Chardonnay, to this is added 25% of wines aged on wood. Dosage: about 5 g/L. Serving temperature: between 8 and 10°C. Cellaring: 2 to 3 years. Qualities and characteristics: A brilliant honey yellow colour. Winey aroma with brioche. It calls to mind pastries, cake batter and baked delicacies. Warm notes of ripe yellow fruits, principally apricot, come to the front. On the palate: it comes through in a delicate blend, a long upwards stroke of vibrant brilliance. Then the structured body, full and fine, comes through. The balance is one of fully-rounded strength and candied fruit, orange peel and angelica aromas. Medium length. The finish is fresh and persistent with a delicate complexity. Fine cuisine pairings: A dinner champagne, to serve with braised red meats, rich poultry such as goose or capon cooked simply so as to reveal all the meat’s intense flavour. Available in half-bottle, bottle and magnum.


charles gardet millesime champaneA robust and elegant champagne, in complete harmony with the personality
of its vintage year, marked by maturity and balance. In temperament, Prestige Charles millésimée combines finesse, complexity and balance. Stored for more of eight years, giving it a freshness and a structure one expects from exceptional wines, this rare vintage, produced in a tough year, is a shining example of Maison Gardet’s traditional know-how. Prestige Charles millésimée is composed of Chardonnay (70%), primarily from the Grand and Premier Cru Côte des Blancs and Pinot Noir (30%) from the Premier Cru vineyards of Montagne de Reims. Malolactic fermentation is not practised, allowing this vintage wine to be stored for longer. Dosage: about 8 g/L. Serving temperature: between 8 and 10°C. Cellaring: 3 to 5 years. Qualities and characteristics: A yellow golden colour that shines with a soft, lively and jubilant glow. The nose is immediately delicious and fresh, lively citrus notes (orange and lemon zest) mingling with very ripe pear and peach notes develop on to deeper smooth accents that reflect the wine’s robust structure and identity. Its crisp and generous nature gives the champagne strength and presence.

Champagne Gardet La Perla RoseThe Historical Connection Between Wine and Roses Living on in La Perla® des Gardet

The connection between champagne and roses has been a strong one. Rose bushes and vines both creeping shrubs are both susceptible to the same disease – powdery mildew which was a devastating one to the vines just a few centuries ago and because the rose plant displays the symptoms earlier than the grape vines, growers in the Champagne region developed the habit of planting rosebushes in the Vineyards in order to spot the symptoms earlier to prevent their crops from becoming contaminated. While this is no longer the big threat it once was, Maison Gardet carried on the tradition by creating an exceptional rose to keep alive the tradition. Rose La Perla® des Gardet; the aesthetic and sensory characteristics are perfect reflection of their champagne. This rose is the embodiment of the relation between the house and the queen of flowers. This beautiful, romantic and pastel colored hybrid tea Rose gives an air of nostalgia representation of the historic bond between roses and vines, its fresh delicate fragrance, dense leaves all make up this strongly vivacious Rose.

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