Discover Champagne Comtesse de Cérhès, Inscribed in the French Way of Life

This first collection Cuvée 01 is a marvelous voyage into the Champagne Comtesse de Cérhès universe and the memoir of the Champagne region.

The Comtesse’s ethos is deeply rooted in the French culture and is closely associated with haute couture: elegance, high standards, and status. This is integral to the uniqueness of the champagne, maker and house. In the production of this wine, the relationship between Comtesse de Cérhès and the César Awards ceremony shows the significance placed on the arts and freedom of speech. The Comtesse de Cérhès’ involvement with the César Awards event strengthens this connection to the arts.

About the Champagne

To create the Comtesse de Cérhès brand, Stanislas Bonafé carefully selected the greatest grapes and reserve wines. His desire to associate primarily “grands crus” from classified communes is what gives his wine its deep individuality and demonstrates how unique his method is. Only 17 of Champagne’s 320 villages are qualified to the label “grands crus.” They feature sun-drenched tracts of land where the grapes are hand-picked. These villages operate their businesses in an artisanal manner, employing traditional methods.

The Founder Stanislas Bonafé

Stanislas Bonafé

Deeply influenced by the arts and France, founder Stanislas Bonafé, he honed his skills in champagne working at several prestigious champagne houses after completing his oenology degree he pursued after leaving a career as an equestrian. It was during that time he met many people in the world of champagne which introduced him to a world that captured him and sent him in pursuit of excellence in the fine wine. His expertise and connections with many talents in the industry and many cellar masters, leading to collaborations. In 2009, he made the decision to go it alone and open his own brokerage firm. These new endeavors allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the Champagne region. Stanislas Bonafé meets the producers and explores the vineyards on his own terms.

Cuvée 01

The majority of the Cuvée 01 is made out of grapes from the stunning 2015 harvest. Because of the unique climate, there was a wide range of degrees and grape weights among the types, localities, and even parcels. This gives you the option of collecting just grapes that are fully mature. These well-balanced qualities considerably contribute to a wonderful vintage. There are only 11,307 bottles available. Date of disgorging: February 14th, 2019

Tasting Notes

The champagne house says of their champagne “The colour is very intense yellow. The scents of the nose generously blend honey and beeswax at first, followed by almond, hazelnut, and fine spices. The fruitiness is very concentrated and warm, it expresses itself in several forms: plum, mirabelle plum, apricot, pineapple surrounded by vanilla. The notes of vanilla cake with dried oriental fruits are delicious. With aeration one can perceive the grey stone and ash smoke. Finally, the delicate woodiness is accompanied by moist mushrooms. The mouth perfectly follows the warmth and power of the nose with a delicately ripe coloured fruitiness. The whole is delicately chiselled with freshness and then coated with natural fat. The finish is structured, then powdered with fine salt.” A fine wine that sounds positively sublime!

The Exquisite Bottle

Drawing inspiration from the arts of luxury, design, and architecture to create the perfect bottle, founder Stanislas Bonafé envisioned a one-of-a-kind, elegant bottle that would necessitate the work of artisans and represent the Comtesse’s aesthetic. The spherical bottle is elegantly adorned with golden designs and a metallic lace. Each bottle is numbered like an artist’s collection and is part of a small batch.

Creating a wine, according to Stanislas Bonafé, necessitates pushing the boundaries of technology, craftsmanship, and art: his concept of Champagne is “absolute, and admits no compromise.”

Tomorrow’s Champagne will be defined by this vision and determination to succeed. He was able to preserve a devotion to invention and flavour by persevering through his experience and studies.

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