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Discover: Bespoke, Miniature Classic Cars by Pocket Classics

Pocket Classics - Porsche 356 Speedster press release - 16.05Beautiful bespoke toy cars, each one lovingly handmade and can be personalised to any specification that you wish.

These toys are 100% serviceable and virtually indestructible, with composite bodies and chassis and all the mechanicals are over-engineered to ensure durability – designed to last for generations.

Introducing the Porsche 356 Speedster, Pocket Classics Edition

Pocket Classics, one of the leading distributors of tribute ride-on petrol and electric cars, sharing their latest model, a batterypowered Porsche 356 Speedster. It adds to Pocket Classics’ existing Porsche range which counts the iconic 904 Carrera GTS and the 550 Spyder, all of which have been designed for use on private land.

Built to Order

Built to order, and handmade in Germany under licence from Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, the 356 Speedster is a stunning interpretation of the open-top original which was first launched in the USA in 1954. At 1,760 mm in length, and at 770 mm wide (the equivalent of a 1:2.3 scale model), it is a suitable size for a child between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

About the Car’s Construction

The car sits on an all-aluminium and steel chassis, and features a hand-laid fibreglass body sporting the renowned sweeping profile. The exceptional attention to detail is evident, and borrows many styling cues from its namesake. These include gold front and rear badges, chrome accents and the famous slotted alloy wheels.

The beautifully-crafted leather interior can accommodate a single individual at any one time. Behind the wooden three-spoke steering wheel are three ‘replica’ instruments of equal size, namely the rev-counter, the speedometer and the fuel gauge. Mirroring the layout of the cabin seen in the 50s, all knobs are arranged horizontally on the dashboard, and provide access to the working front headlights.

When applying pressure on the chrome accelerator pedal, power comes from a 24 Volt DC motor which is linked to two forward gears and one reverse gear. The Porsche 356 Speedster can reach a top speed of between 6 to 12 mph depending on the total weight of the occupant, and the terrain on which it is being driven. To replenish the battery from empty on a domestic power supply takes around 3 hours, and provides up to three hours of driving time subject to use.

James Cooper, Managing Director of Pocket Classics, said: “The Porsche 356 Speedster has a rich and long heritage and is still very much in demand to this day thanks to it becoming one of the most sought-after collector’s items. Children can now have their own piece of this history, and it’s a great way of allowing them to get behind the wheel within the confines of a secure environment. The car is undoubtedly a memorable gift, and is one that can certainly be passed down through the generations. We expect demand to be very high.”

The Porsche 356 Speedster is available now, and costs from £9,995.00 (£11,995.00 including VAT and excluding shipping). The colour of the interior and exterior can be chosen when ordering the car, thereby making every example unique. Pocket Classics provides servicing for all models, and prices are available on request.

About Pocket Classics: Established in September 2010, Pocket Classics is one of the leading distributors of miniature interpretations and tributes of some of the world’s most famous cars. Pocket Classics is not endorsed by vehicle manufacturers, and no commercial relationship exists with those companies. The cars are designed as toys for use under adult supervision. They are not road legal and should only be used on private ground and in fair weather conditions. Appropriate safety equipment should be used at all times.

Pocket Classics retailers
The Pocket Classics model range is sold at the following dealers in the UK:
• Bespoke Perfomance (Ware) – www.bespokeperformance.co.uk
• Chelsea Cars (Wandsworth) – www.chelseacars.com
• Romans International (Surrey) – www.romansinternational.com
• Stevenson Brothers (Kent) – www.stevensonbros.com

For more information about Pocket Classics, or to view the current model range, visit

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