Discover Artnow Fine Art Solutions and Concept Design for Prestigious Places

Artnow International has left its mark on some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and residences, from Palazzo Versace to elite clientele’s private homes and royal palaces.

Since 1990, this Australian based company has been quietly working on extraordinary artistic endeavours creating beautiful, ornate, ultra-modern, memorable and artistically expressed places around the world and their extensive portfolio of work in homes around the world reveals their great diversity and immense talent made up of leading sculptors, painters, and graphic and interior designers under the leadership of Director and Founder, Rodney Surawski.

You’ve likely never heard of Rodney Surawski. To protect his client’s privacy, the Australian art director has kept a low profile for the past three decades – until now. Since its inception in 1990, Artnow International has assisted in the design of homes and palaces for some of the world’s wealthiest families, including Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man, Tunku Kamariah, Malaysia’s eldest daughter of the King of Johor, Clive Palmer, one of Australia’s top ten richest people, and the King of Bahrain Palace, among others.

Piano Bar Sovereign Island (Artnow)

About their Work and Royal Reach

Artnow International specialises in fine art solutions and collaborates with some of the world’s best artists, sculptors, concept designers, and interior designers. It has a reputation for being able to bring any space to life over the last three decades.  With the combined talents of their accomplished team, they provide their clients with expertise in a wide range of Fine Art disciplines. Interior Concept Design and Illustration, Marouflage, Fine Art Murals, Feature Ceilings and Domes, Contemporary Fine Art Solutions, and Sculpting.

The Riad (Artnow)

With a global reach, they have completed projects in hotels and private residences across Australia, Bahrain, China, Singapore, Borneo, Crimea, Ukraine, France, Russia, and Fiji, to name a few.  They understand the importance of discretion as their clientele includes the privileged, the power elite, and royal families who own palaces and private mansions. For reasons of security and safety of these families, clients of this caliber require our complete discretion and respect for client confidentiality is assured, resulting in fantastic working relationships.


A Moment with Artnow’s Rodney Surawski

After all these years, this company is stepping out from behind their curtain of silence to draw attention to their exceptional work. We had the honour and privilege of speaking with Director and Founder, Rodney Surawski and asked him a few questions to discover even more.

What inspired you to reveal yourself now and share details about your work?

I am so proud of what we have created here at Artnow International, however, for many years we haven’t been able to share our work because of the privacy of many of our clients. We’ve had clients now that are happy for us to showcase a selection of our projects. There are mansions and palaces and hotels around the world you wouldn’t even realise have been decorated by our Australian team. People often think it is a French or Italian team, which we often go up against, but it is our team that is creating many of the decorative artworks, sculptures, luxury finishes, mouldings, and more.

Laucala Island Resort (Artnow)

What inspired you to bring to life your passion for art and your company?

I have always been interested in the arts from a young age and ended up studying at the Queensland College of Art. I was then fortunate enough to work on movie sets which is where I established Artnow International as a twenty-something. One of the first client’s of Artnow International was Warner Bros. Pictures. Over the years I moved into the residential and luxury hotel markets, where I and my team have worked on the King of Bahrain’s palace; Rinat Akhmetov’s mansions; the palace of princess Tunku Kamariah, the daughter of the king of Johor, in Malaysia; and Lacaula Island Resort, Fiji, owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. The entire home is my canvas and I am able to work with a client’s vision to bring it to life. Anything is possible with fine decorative arts and this inspires me to push the limits of what we can create for our clients.

Private Residence Day Spa (Artnow)

Who are your ideal clients?

We don’t have an ‘ideal’ clientele as we work with so many different clients who like ultra modern or classical baroque. We’ve worked with creatives and analytical thinkers, business people, doctors, Billionaire oligarchs, royal families, and more. We are here to serve our clients and help them to realise their design visions and dreams for their homes, hotels, yachts, and more.

Modern, Sovereign Island (Artnow)

Tell us about some of the fine solutions your company creates and the techniques you use.

Artnow International is a fine decorative arts and interior design company with studios in Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Italy. We are comprised of a team from Australia and Italy. We are able to create any fine art solution to make a space look and feel any way you want. From bespoke murals to look like a three-dimensional scene, to decorative feature walls, ceilings, and domes; we are able to create sculptures in any way, material, or form; bespoke mouldings, and luxury finishes. Our team is made up of a selection of the best artisans, artists and sculptors from around the world.We have completed projects onsite and are also able to complete artworks in our studio to be installed onsite. We often use a technique called Marouflage which allows us to create an artwork in our studio on a canvas and then install it on site as if it were painted straight onto a surface.

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