Discover: Apeiro Treatments Ultra Luxury Skincare

Imagine a complexion exquisitely radiant and rejuvenated that feels firm and delicate to the touch like a rose, with immediate and lasting results – this is what awaits you inside a bottle of Apeiro: great skincare for an infinity.

For cosmetics lovers, connoisseurs or those seeking an ultra luxury anti-aging skincare line, Apeiro is a noteworthy one. A luxurious experience from start to finish from lifting open the sturdy, pretty box to discover a glimmering gold lidded jar nestled in a firm felt en-robed foam base with tiny spoon with which to dip into the product to keep it free of your skins oils. The jar lid glided open smoothly to reveal a product line with a scent as fresh as a spring day.

Apeiro applies beautifully, is rich to the touch, absorbing evenly into the skin leaving nothing behind but a complexion that glowed and felt like a soft, firm, fresh rose, so soft and remained so long after the product was applied. Even on sensitive skin, it produced no irritation and left skin simply gorgeous. This skincare is an absolute pleasure to use and improved the overall condition of skin with noticeable results.

Apeiro Royal Scepter set
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What’s Inside? Skincare of High Standards.

Apeiro skincare that is crafted with the highest standards for optimal youthful skin, comprised of Green tea, Jojoba Oil, Grape seed… natural ingredients time tested and optimal for anti aging. Apeiro uses pure, certified organic ingredients to ensure that even the most sensitive skin types experience nothing but excellent results. Ingredients found in Aperio products, such as the Collagen Radiance Renewal Treatment Set, will even stimulate the skin’s collagen production. To understand how collagen works, it is a natural protein made in the human body, as the glue that holds our organs together. As we age, the creation of this crucial protein begins to slow, leading to an aged look, wrinkles et all. Apeiro’s products, particularly in its collagen lines, encourages the production of collagen and hinders its breakdown, thereby feeding and fortifying skin, giving it a natural radiance.

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Who are the people and what is the story behind the brand​? What inspired the creation of this beauty line?

The people behind Apeiro are the creators of Infinite Beauty, a renowned chain of boutique spas located at upscale malls across the United States. Using a multi-brand concept, Infinite Beauty is dedicated to providing the upscale shopper with the pinnacle of skin-care treatment. Traditionally, it’s very difficult to find the skin-care product that will have the best results. There are too many goods on the market that offer a ‘blanket’ treatment, yet individuals react differently to each product based on the unique constitution of their skin. Infinite Beauty carries a multitude of lines to best provide the most effective option for each customer.

Infinite Beauty isn’t just a retailer; it is renowned for offering the complete skin-care experience. The boutique offers facial treatment programs for clientele to enjoy products in a professional and relaxing manner. We wanted to create a line of products that would complement the facials and synergistically enhance the Infinite Beauty brand. The result is Apeiro, an effective, organic treatment that has yielded healthy and radiant skin.

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Tell us about the name – what is the origin of the name Apeiro?

Apeiro is the Greek word for “Infinity,” which is exactly the kind of beauty we’re trying to achieve for our clientele. We wanted to pay homage to a culture that inspired our natural, organic line. Cosmetics were a cornerstone of life and culture in ancient Greece. In fact, the word “cosmetic” comes from the Hellenic word “kosmetikos,” which means and conveys harmony, order, and tranquility. Most beauty products in ancient Greece were made from ingredients found in their natural environment, such as olive oil and honey. Apeiro brings the influence of a great culture that honored our craft to Infinite Beauty stores.

What differentiates Aperio from other luxury beauty products on the market?

Most other skin care lines, even the premium products, only affect the exterior of the skin. They feel nice, they moisturize, but they don’t do much else. Apeiro, on the other hand, is formulated to have a deep and profound impact. The Apeiro line was created after years of research into how we can naturally improve the health and appearance of skin. The outcome is a line of products developed to penetrate deep into the skin, deliver active, natural ingredients, and build a long lasting, reparative solution. By affecting skin health rather than skin appearance, Apeiro has crossed the threshold of ‘cosmetic’ into the category of ‘treatment’. With regular use, the Apeiro line removes a multitude of skin ailments, resulting in a truly beautiful look, not just a temporary one.

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On the business side, the Apeiro line’s exclusivity with Infinite Beauty stores has actually improved the quality of the product. Our plan has been to grow the Apeiro brand almost exclusively in-store through customer sampling. As a result, we’ve substantially shifted funds away from marketing and branding and towards research and development. Other brands are forced to spend fortunes on marketing to keep their products viable, yet we’ve just focused on making the most effective product possible that speaks for itself: Apeiro.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that Apeiro will work in tandem with other skin care cosmetics. If a customer has a product they like, he or she can still use it. Apeiro will work inside the skin while another product works outside. This synergy allows Apeiro to aid people in achieving the exact complexion they desire.

Why should they choose Apeiro?

To benefit from an Ultra Luxury organic line that penetrates deeply into the skin and works as a treatment to provide long lasting effects and alternative to other invasive procedures.

What is your mission and vision?

Our mission is to provide a natural alternative to invasive and harmful procedures. In the pursuit of beauty, some have turned the likes of Botox and surgical face-lifts, which provides an artificial look and has disastrous ramifications for skin health. Apeiro products offer a natural solution for those seeking the most beautiful skin possible. By utilizing only natural, organic ingredients, Apeiro has proven to provide dramatic solutions, helping us realize our vision of a beauty industry that helps people improve, and not harm, their radiant skin.

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