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Discover: Alivia Swiss Health and Medical Intelligence

Aliva healthAlivia Swiss Health has become the go-to service for HNWIs looking for the very best doctors and most cutting edge research from around the world.

The new must-have healthcare accessory for the discerning individual, Alivia’s approach to medical treatment shows that no price is too much when it comes to managing your healthcare at the time of diagnosis.

This new disruptive start-up in the healthcare sector is an external advisory service that provides a tailored offering through its robust and impartial interrogation of medical options and provision of truly independent medical intelligence on a global scale. ALIVIA is an industry first.

Dr. Vidar Arnulf, MD Chief Medical Officer & Chairman
Dr. Vidar Arnulf, MD Chief Medical Officer & Chairman

Unlike private medical insurance, ALIVIA is not bound by a set network, meaning medical intelligence is the deciding factor behind which physician and treatment is recommended – not quotas or contracts. By partnering with each and every patient, Alivia actually carries out ‘due diligence’ when seeking medical professionals and treatment.

Alivia Swiss Health Management is the UK’s only personalised health management service that offers completely objective and independent advice and assistance, with access to the world’s most advanced medical practitioners and cutting-edge medical intelligence, offering patients a trusted partner at a time when they need it most.

Jonathan G. Furst, Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan G. Furst, Chief Executive Officer

Some of Alivia’s services include:

Diagnosis Confident

This service programme focuses on verifying diagnosis, identifying leading international experts and researching viable and cutting edge treatment methods to manage your illness in the most effective way possible. Diagnosing illness correctly is crucial in getting the treatment right and that’s where Alivia’s service can be of assistance to give you peace of mind to ensure that no stone is left unturned when trying to make sure that you receive the right treatment at the right time.

Alivia Proactive

This next evolution in personal healthcare management uses medicine, science and technology to measure our health and identify what is holding us back from achieving optimal health and longevity. Alivia uses total personalisation for preventative tests. After a general assessment they recommend tests specific to your medical footprint. There are thousands of tests available, but these take time and cost money. Their objective is simply to follow the medical intelligence to achieve the most optimised body and mind possible.

Medical Intelligence

The Medical Intelligence Unit (MIU) is Alivia’s internal research team comprised of medical intelligence analysts, researchers, physicians and Ph.Ds. The MIU’s primary role is to collect “medical intelligence” on a case by case basis that is relevant to their clients’ medical condition and use it to either improve the clients health regarding an existing condition or, after a medical screening has been sought; to help them be proactive and try to predict and prevent medical risk factors from materialising.

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