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De Watère of Life: Champagne Steeped in Family Tradition

de watere champagne

With family roots that run as deep as those of champagne itself, their first known ancestor was a Frenchman named De Watère, recorded in the Doomsday Book in England in 1086, their family itself was the inspiration for creating Champagne De Watère.

The De Watère family started making champagne for themselves, exclusively for the their use; champagne has always played an important role in the family, not merely as celebratory drink but more so as reason to draw them together as a family. Everything at Champagne De Watère – from harvesting the grapes to making the cases – is done purely by hand of expert craftsmen.

Champagne De Watère, Diamond Edition

de watere diamond edition
Champagne De Watère Diamond Edition, 35,000€ plus taxes for the standard 1ct perfect round diamond and 1 ounce 24ct gold coin

de watere diamond

In 2011, they released Champagne De Watère to commemorate 925 years of tradition and to share their love for this extraordinary wine.

The inspiration has been to honour unity and solidarity, the values they hold in the highest esteem. In honor of this, they adorned their Diamond Edition with a perfect one carat round diamond, set in a one ounce pure gold medal, specially minted by expert German craftsmen. On the face of the medal, two gryphons – the symbols of the family – hold the diamond of unbreakable solidarity between them; acting as eternal guardians. On the back of the medal, the sun of creativity originates from the base of the diamond embraced by a wreath of laurels; guiding the creativity by honourable principles. Diamond Edition is customisable to meet your needs and preferences. The medal can be minted from various materials: silver or platinum for example. The single diamond can be replaced by a colourful one or multiple smaller ones, it’s up to you. Simply let them know your ideas, your vision and the symbolism behind it. As a special service for Diamond Edition customers, they assist in finding a suitable jeweller should clients wish to create a new piece of jewellery from their medal.

The Cuvée Edition

champagne de watere cuvee editionThe Cuvée Edition has been updated to give their customers even more choice. Customers can now choose whether they would like to receive their Champagne De Watère Cuvée in stunning wood cases with lush silk cushions inside or unpackaged – which at De Watère Champagne means: in a lacquered gold bag.

The choice with regards to packaging was introduced for their clients who served the champagne at wedding receptions, gallery openings and celebrations with many guests at occasions where customers simply would not need wood cases.

Award Winning Champagne

This champagne received the rare and prestigious ‘Great Gold’ Medal at the International Wine Guide Awards 2016, outperforming the criteria for Gold.

This award-winning Cuvée 1er Cru Brut Blanc, from 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, optically presents itself bearing a translucent gold colour.  In each bottle is a beautiful combination of freshness and maturity, ripened to perfect harmony for at least 3 years in our private chalk caves.  Champagne De Watère is made in the Vallée de la Marne – the heartland of Champagne, France – from a single Premier Cru Vineyard. This exceptional champagne distinguishes itself by its balanced yet powerful character.

de watere horses in the vineyardsSustainability Always Part of Their Tradition

Living up to the responsibility towards the family’s tradition drives them to excel in every detail, therefore they place great emphasis on eco-sensitive production methods. This goes all the way from employing horses in the vineyard instead of tractors, to sourcing their partners for quality and sustainability standards alike. The aim is to consistently deliver champagnes worthy of the name De Watère and the history it entails.

champagne de watere private cave
Champagne De Watère private caves where their champagne is aged for a minimum of three years.

 Updated Look and Feel with Embossed Labels

To mark the 5th anniversary since making their family champagne available to a limited, exclusive marketplace, distribution has spread all over Europe and to the entire United States of America, labelling on all bottles of Champagne De Watère was updated to be made even more elegant and luxurious. Keeping the family colours of white and black the labels are understated and sophisticated, the ornamentation and writing on the front labels are beautiful to see and to touch.

de watere champagne Cuvee 1er Cru Brut Blanc

Redesigned Labels with Champagne Life Production Notes

The back labels have been completely redesigned and now provide a special section with each bottle’s individual production dates. Customers can now track their individual bottle’s life until dispatch by the means of the three most important production dates. All the new labelling follows their same strict eco-friendly standards.

These three dates represented are:

  1. Tirage gives the date when the grape juice from the Premier Cru vineyard was filled into the bottle and started ripening together with the yeast. Yeast is traditionally used in the Méthode Champenoise to convert the grapes’ sugar to alcohol and CO2 which is responsible for the Perlage (bubbles). Since Champagne De Watère’s Cuvée consists of two consecutive years in the ratio 50%/50%, the later year is given.
  2. Degorge gives the date when the champagne was degorged, meaning when the yeast was removed and when the Dosage was added. Dosage is a little dose of reserve wine which gives Champagne De Watère’s Cuvées their final character and determines their level of sweetness; in this case this is Brut (little sugar). In general, the longer champagnes were in contact with the yeast, the finer the Perlage (bubbles) becomes and the more silk-like the feel on palate and tongue. Also, with long ripening, the champagnes become very elegantly balanced yet fruity.
  3. LOT gives the date when the bottle was ‚dressed‘, meaning when the labels were applied and when the bottle was packaged for final delivery to the customers.

Availability, Distribution and Delivery

Since the beginning in 2011, direct distribution of Champagne De Watère has spread to all over Europe and the entire United States of America (since early 2016). Due to modern warehouses in Munich, Germany and Miami, Florida, the average dispatch time for online orders was reduced to a maximum of 24 hours while delivery charges were abandoned entirely. As of June 2016, Monaco-based Britesyde Distribution ( exclusively handles orders in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur. From Saint Tropez to the Italian border, they can deliver in as little as 2 hours.

For more information on the Diamond Edition and other champagnes in their line, visit


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