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We are a magazine that goes beyond the ordinary. For our Members we are a Resource, Source and of Service. We only accept a limited number of Corporate Members annually in order to better serve and are selective about our members to keep the quality high. Discover some of the ways luxury businesses can benefit from being a corporate member of EAT LOVE SAVOR® Luxury.

Membership to EAT LOVE SAVOR® is open to high-end service providers. Our corporate clients include private concierge, wealth managers and others in the service of all three tiers of wealth. Members join EAT LOVE SAVOR® by paying an annual membership fee.

Here are some of the benefits of corporate membership:

    • More than just writing about luxury, we are creating new markets – we offer assistance to corporate and luxury industry members of our luxury community.
    • Members receive direct and personal assistance with introductions and access to fine goods, services and experiences
    • Members receive a bi-weekly emailed edit from our black book with opportunities for introductions and offers
    • Members receive access to our valuable resources and highly curated content
    • Members gain access to our black book and vast global network
    • Members receive a co-branded page, their own personal welcome page for clients and team members with curated content.
    • Members receive email correspondence with latest posts, edits, intelligence and available offers from our partners
    • Members receive invitations to offline and online networking and industry conferences and events


from Corporate Member

Going through EAT LOVE SAVOR® magazine and bookazine is like entering a world where everything is enchanting. Everyone can only dream and be fascinated while experiencing the ongoing unfolding of delicious sensations. The wonderful quote from Baudelaire who wrote: «There, all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness » applies wonderfully to your beautiful publicationsEAT LOVE SAVOR® is the only magazine I trust 100% to send my clients to read, to shop and to help us in searching for completely consistent, exceptional quality goods, services and experiences.”

Murielle Liliane Ekon, CEO & FOUNDER, Signature Conciergerie, Paris, serving UHNWI.

Success Stories

EAT LOVE SAVOR® Luxury assists Members with access to our little black book and network

Case Study / Success Story 1 (click to view)

Solved finding an exclusive resort for a private celebration

A corporate member came to us for assistance. They had a need to rent an entire ultra-luxury resort for a private celebration for over 25 guests for several days. After an extensive search and presentations to their client, they were still not able to find just the right location. The client had specific criteria and requirements of the location in terms of appeal, service, size and how many people it could accommodate in a specific manner.

We knew immediately where to suggest that would meet the needs of their client. We presented two options, one was perfect selected. We connected our member with the private resort and plans were put in place. Time saved for our member and their client was made very happy. A great connection for our member and addition to their network. Approximate cost of the rental: $1m.

Case Study / Success Story 2 (click to view)

Solved a Sourcing Issue and Pain Point

A corporate member had growing problems sourcing a high end luxury product from a well known brand that is notoriously guarded about accessibility to their in demand items. Their protocols rose to the point of pain for our member each time their client asked for a product from this brand, it would take long frustrating calls, higher then anticipated costs, months to make happen that it created stress and anxiety and headaches for our client.

We knew immediately to whom we would recommend that would solve their problems and take away this pain and turn it into pleasure. We made the introduction and to our client’s delight, our source even had product in stock and long term solutions to get the product for their clients and are able to help them source what they needed without pain, in record time and with a process that was optimal for costs and time. This promises to be a long term solution for our member and repeat business for our referred company.

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