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The Philosophical Nature of Luxury”

Interview and in-depth discussion with luxury brand marketing expert, speaker and consultant Antonio Paraiso on the subject of true luxury. (7 pages)

EAT LOVE SAVOR® as part of our editorial mandate since our inception, embarked on a mission to showcase true luxury brands, to celebrate excellence, and through luxury expert insights, help readers make sense of the true luxury lexicon in order to foster greater understanding and clarity of this complex ecosystem. We believe this is especially important during a time of great change in the luxury landscape as a result of the overuse of the term and in the face of luxury democratization. In this special editorial feature, we interview thinkers, leaders and creators that serve the luxury market to inform and shedding light on the multi-faceted complexities of luxury and how it is expressed. We had the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with luxury marketing expert Antonio Paraiso and bring that discussion to you in this interview.

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