A Collision of Gastronomic Sparks 50m Above Monaco: Dinner in the Sky®

The sky is a dream that has always fascinated human beings. Today we crave extraordinary experiences, each seeking something different, unseen, rare and money can’t buy.

The Principality of Monaco is renowned for taking centre stage when it comes to offering such breath-taking opportunities and the Dinner in the Sky concept brought thrill-seeking experiences up a notch when it was launched for ten days by events creators and lifestyle management company, Just Unlimited on 7th July 2017.

A Thrilling Dining Experience

Imagine being immersed with an adrenaline rush even before you sit to enjoy your meal, with your feet precariously free under you, feeling a light breeze, gently and silently getting propelled within seconds from 0-50m admiring the facet of the Monte-Carlo Casino while strapped into a seat reminiscent of a F1 car but with the added thrill factor of being able to lower your seat to being semi lying down. Not to forget having absolutely every sense being satisfied thanks to the combination of the views, smells, tastes and emotions evoked.

Seen in over 15 nations with operations in various cities including Paris and Las Vegas, as a Belgian based novelty restaurant service, the TÜV approved concept is not for the faint hearted as it uses a crane to hoist diners, table, chefs and waiting staff high up in the air to appreciate an indescribable intimate meal for twenty two guests, over just under two hours in the air.

Glittering Gastronomy Overlooking the Rooftops

Facing the Mediterranean and the line up of super yachts from the terrace of the Monte-Carlo Casino is what makes this particular fine dining in the sky experience even more special in an iconic place like Monaco. The opportunity to find yourself overlooking the rooftops of one of the world’s most expensive terrains while being seated around hand-picked Michelin star rates chefs as they serve up their finest culinary signature dishes and comfortably chat to you and top up your wine glass is certainly something unique.

What’s more, over ten days it truly is the most glittering stars of gastronomy who take their place behind these suspended stoves: from Eric Finon to Virginie Basselot, from Olivier Nasti to Christian Garcia, chef to SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco, from Yannick Francques to Jérôme de Oliveira, from Philippe Joannes to François Adamski… Fourteen top chefs rewarded with Michelin stars and titles that one would only dream of having the honour to dine within their establishments, come face to face with their diners. Expertly concocting a meal of a lifetime tinged with magic makes this journey give you mind-blowing giddiness.

Having experienced it first hand on the second eve of launching, I was blessed with being spoilt from the moment go with master chefs Arnaud Faye (not shy from heights currently at the Chèvre d’or perched in the heights of the village of Eze) as well as talented one Michelin-star chef, Marcel Ravin closer to the sea from the Blue Bay restaurant at the Monte-Carlo Bay.

Perfection and Expertise Executed Suspended in the Sky

The world class menu consisted of an array of delightful finger food while sipping a glass of outstanding champagne on terra firma awaiting our turn to be seated around the pièce de resistance of a floating kitchen and table set as it would be in the likes of the Hotel de Paris next door. Complete with silverware, Crystal, porcelain and linen napkins, not even the paper menu flinched as we commenced the flight. Such is the perfection and expertise involved.

Once ascended with all the aw’s and oh’s and selfies clicking away feverishly against the backdrop of elevator music to relax the butterflies within, a fresh, summer feast began. Combining a mouth watering signature slow cooked organic egg with Manioc, truffle and maracuja to start off followed by an urban garden vegetable collection Blaff juice candied sea bass finished off with rabbit, smoked squid, candied eggplant and cliff herbs juice to satisfy our skilled palate.

Matched with either a Chardonnay Grand Ardèche Vin de Pays des Côteaux de l’Ardèche Louis Latour, Pouilly-Fuissé Louis Jadot, Croze-Hermitage Rouge Jean Louis Have or Champagne Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Brut, the meal was fit for a prince, who naturally had a private dining experience himself on another evening.

A Truly Unforgettable Experience

As the sun started to set over the principality to light up its iconic buildings like diamonds in the night, the most refreshing desert concocted by Chef Faye was served. Gently finishing our journey with a zingy interpretation of lemon and basil, we lowered into the courtyard and were invited to enjoy some lasting moments while the second flight was being prepared for its late night seating that would see a dancing display of fireworks illuminate the skies close to their heads.

Calling an end to the night, our chauffeur whisked us home only to be left with indescribable emotions and a dream come true excitement that truly left a mark and will not be possible to replicate ever again.

They say the sky is the limit. I am afraid to say that it no longer is!


Natalia Langsdale

Natalia Langsdale is a consummate luxury professional, and the owner of Bright Creativity Marketing and PR consultancy based in the south of France/Monaco. Natalia has gained a successful international track record in working with distinguished brands in yachting, private aviation, technology, bespoke interiors, haute couture fashion, realty and fine wines to name a few. Natalia is also an experienced freelance writer covering lifestyle topics in select luxury publications, and an Editor at Large for EAT LOVE SAVOR, adding her distinct flair to stories, bringing even the most challenging topic alive with her fresh tone of voice. Handpicked as ambassador to key eclectic brands worldwide, Natalia is also an honorary member for Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco and a VIP partner at the 2017 Luxury Lifestyle Gala for the HSH Prince Albert II Foundation in Monaco. She can also be found on Instagram @bunny_n

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