Chartering a yacht to the Earth’s final frontier: Antarctica 

Chartering a yacht to Antarctica is the only way to truly immerse yourself in the remote, gorgeous natural wonder of the white desert.

There are not many destinations in the world as challenging to reach as Antarctica, and what better way to explore the beautiful snowy white glaciers than on a charter yacht?

The last of the Earth’s frontiers, a yacht charter to Antarctica takes you far off the beaten track of a mainstream yacht charter and plunges you into an otherworldly ice-scape. The ideal hidden destination to visit between October and March when the days are longer due to summer, a charter yacht to Antarctica allows you to cruise down frozen bays with gigantic glaciers. From the warmth and protection of your luxury yacht, you can watch groups of seals and pods of whales swimming in the azure waters and observe colonies of penguins up close.

For those who are more adventurous, kayaking through the silent, icy polar waters offers the chance to get even closer to the marine wildlife in their natural habitat. During your yacht charter through Antarctica, you can cruise into the volcanic Deception Island, where you can admire the active volcano and dive into the warmer waters heated by hot springs on the black-sand beach. Or sit back in your outdoor jacuzzi and watch the stunning sunset while cruising down the spectacular Tickle Channel, just off Antarctica’s western peninsula. Admire the soaring cliffs in the Neumayer Channel before reaching Port Lockroy, a historic harbour. A former British military base, this historic site also houses the most southern British post office in the world – which is still operational to this day.


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