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Calling Elegance Loving Luxury Aficionados, Join our Luxury Community: Bi-Annual Subscriber Drive:

Today marks the beginning of our newly launched biannual subscriber drive. We would like to begin by expressing our heartfelt thanks for spending your precious time with us and reading EAT LOVE SAVOR®. We’re proud of the work we do and are appreciative of our readership that makes up our luxury community located all around the world; we are read in about 70 countries. Without encouragement from our readers, our work would not be feasible. We’ll make the case for readers to become join our community as a paid subscribers over the next four weeks to support and expand our vision, mission and style of luxury journalism through our eyes and the eyes of our readers and partners.

We would like to express our gratitude to our existing subscribers and donors, who are the backbone of our revenue. As an advertising free platform, our paid subscribers and donors kept us afloat. We’re a lean, remotely operated media company that avoids high overhead so we can invest where we feel it matters most, in growth, content, partnerships and services for our publications and for the benefit of our readers and paid subscribers.

At a high level, EAT LOVE SAVOR® is taking major steps. We’re continually adding new luxury expert contributors, updated our web servers, created our Elite Partners network and an advisory board. We remain as we began, a 100 percent “clicks and mortar” business that believes in people and partnerships to build a robust infrastructure and powerful global network. Despite the challenges that Covid has presented, we continue to have a positive outlook and imbue humanity, love and positivity into everything we do. In the words of one of our paying subscribers / community members:

“Going through EAT LOVE SAVOR® magazine and bookazine is like entering a world where everything is enchanting. Everyone can only dream and be fascinated while experiencing the ongoing unfolding of delicious sensations. The wonderful quote from Baudelaire who wrote: «There, all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness » applies wonderfully to your beautiful publications!”

We remain dedicated to bring you great value in what we do providing important information, curation, elegance, beauty, excellence and intelligence in luxury. For our community, also we bring humanity back into a publication, going beyond the ordinary. We enjoy personally connecting with you and being a part of enhancing your luxury lifestyle now and into the future.

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