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EAT LOVE SAVOR® luxury bookazines are publications that are kept forever, with their evergreen, entertaining and resource filled content, zero advertising and gorgeous photography. Each issue remains relevant years after publication, which makes them more valuable, rare and precious also because copies are not available everywhere.For Business Subscriptions, we offer our precious publications in Starter Special Multi-Packs and Single Issue Bulk Ordering.


Get a taste for EAT LOVE SAVOR® and come back for more! We keep on hand a small number of editions, which we are making available in special starter packages. Each package is bundled personally by our editor in chief. Ships out from our HQ in Canada.PRICING :  2 copies = $70 USD  /  3 copies = $105 USD  / 4 copies = $140 USD  /  5 copies = $ 175 USD
Indicate how many of each issue you desire:


  • BULK ORDERING PRICING INCLUDING DISCOUNTS 25 COPIES including 8% discount = $805 USD  50 COPIES including 12% discount = $540 USD 100 COPIES including 18% discount $2,870 USD
  • BONUS DIGITAL ISSUES AND DOWNLOAD : Each order comes with complimentary digital edition(s) of the magazines you've purchased (value $10USD each) and a luxury industry interview bonus download.


Escape and come along to the Champagne region with us in this immersive special issue inspired by the love of Champagne! Each bottle, an elixir and symbol of luxury, a consumable luxury experience. More than just wine, a special region, the birthplace of this unique wine that is the only one permitted to bear its name. The region ripe with charm, history and that which lies beneath the ground aging and awaiting your next celebration. Explore the region, the wines, resources, useful information and culinary adventures that awaits you! This special edition was created in co-operation with the Aube region of Champagne, France, dedicated to the Champagne region, the wine, to its enjoyment and appreciation.
Indulge yourself and discover love of excellent jewelry in this special issue; the theme was inspired by the love of fine jewelry - pieces of wearable art conceived by visionaries, designers of the beautiful, evokes dreams, men and women, all who see what lies in stone and metal and bring it to life through great skill, expressing the love that lies within, connecting their work to emotions of others, becoming symbols of their self-expression and love. This special edition is dedicated to the love of fine jewelry, a look at the history, eras, special collections, exclusive interview with an haute couture jewelry designer who creates one of a kind pieces, all about pearls and much more.
Immerse yourself in excellence and our curated selections of excellent goods, services and experiences! The theme for this special issue was inspired by the pursuit of excellence and celebrating the countless men and women, all who champion Excellence in everything they do and offer to you in the creation of their fine goods, services and experiences. They embody passion, skill, love and an expression of artistic joy and appreciation for levels of quality far beyond the ordinary.
So much to discover in this immersive issue is inspired by the inextricable link between fine food and a luxury lifestyle. The intersection of food and finery is explored and played with; the concept of that which is ‘Delectable’ is not exclusively restricted to the gustatory, but is also a descriptive word for things that carry the same feeling without touching your taste buds. Great finds for your table and tastebuds!
An escape at your fingertips awaits in this beautiful issue, inspired by the love of travel - the adventure that awaits at the end of your suitcase and the beginning of your dreams. Inside are carefully considered locations, articles and images of luxurious places that lift the spirits and inspire your desire to explore.
Awaiting you in this beautiful issue, explore luxuries including an iconic collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Fabergé, visit Africa's best kept secret, read about a fine jewelry family and see some of their stunning creations, discover exquisite luxury gifts, take a voyage with superyacht storytellers and more.
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