Buccellati diamond iphone cover
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Buccellati Marries Past and Present to Create a High Jewelry Tech Collection

The beauty of master craftsmanship, timeless design and fine jewelry combine to create gem encrusted, star-kissed technology. A positively exquisite object, a pleasure to hold and behold that elevates the iPhone experience.

Buccellati charts a new and unexplored category for a high jewelry house of its kind, tech accessories. In true Buccellati style, the brand has created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that serves to encase the iPhone 5 and the most recent iPad mini.

Buccellati diamond iphone cover

Beyond function, the collection is a testament to the Buccellati’s unmatched heritage, artisanal capabilities, and marks and evolution for the brand as they foray into a new and modern language.

Historic Design Meets Modern Technology

The two tech accessories, both designed with the illustrations of Leonardo da Vinci sun in mind, are cast in solid gold, and completely blanketed in Buccellati’s signature, most prize engraving motifs; one being a technique called Rigato in which the artisan pulls perfectly straight lines one by one across the surface of the goals to achieve a surprisingly real silk like texture in the material a Buccellati hallmark. The surfaces of each piece have been further textured with sculpted sun rays beaming from 10 suns each encrusted with a cluster of diamonds.

A true bridge between past and future, historical and contemporary, it is just as fitting that Unica is the first collection entirely conceived, designed and art directed by the brand’s next generation designer Lucrezia Buccellati. Together with her father Andrea, the father daughter duo announced their official partnership as creative directors of the brand at Baselworld 2014.

buccellati iphone unica2

Over a Century of Masterpieces Created by the Buccellati Family

Since 1919, every masterpiece coming out of the high jewelry House has been designed by a Buccelati. The family has preserve their expertise by carefully exposing the upcoming generations from the time they’re young. At any given time there are two Bucella the members in the design chairs.

[pullquote]Lucrezia Buccellati explains “Being part of a family business like ours is a true undertaking from an early age. You must be an expert by the time the bigger responsibilities can be yours. Adopting the DNA our artisanal traditions is the first step, but at the same time, I had to find my individual contributions that would eventually move the brand forward together with my father.”[/pullquote]

As a result of this thinking, in came the notion that Buccellati could apply it’s historically kept craft to the cast of tech accessories like the iPhone and iPad Mini cases. A radical idea that melds fine jewelry with the ever overturning tech accessories market.

It’s a conceptual gesture in the ultimate physical form. Why cast a functional accessory that has the potential lifetime of 8 to 12 months? Because in the lineage of the house like Buccellati, the lifespan of an iPhone iPad case is a flash in the pan a moment one can rarely capture permanently. By preserving an object as distinct in the timeline this technology marks it, Buccellati demonstrates what it is done best for over 100 years; creating modern artifacts of extreme excellence that place significance around a single happenstance making a promise that will never be forgotten. The objects full retail starting at 150, 000 euro for the iPhone 5s case and 350, 000 euro for the iPad mini cover.


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