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Bridge Of Weir Marks A ‘Century Of Iconic Interiors’ With Aston Martin, Ford And Delorean At Concours Of Elegance 2016

DB11 - Arden Green (38) - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazneBridge of Weir Leather Company continues its partnership with the Concours of Elegance in 2016 with a stunning display set to feature on the lawns of Windsor Castle celebrating a ‘Century of Iconic Interiors’.

In the business of manufacturing leather for the automotive industry, Bridge of Weir has supplied many of the most iconic cars of the last century, with a small sample spanning key products of the past 100 years selected to represent the company at Windsor Castle.

Model T 1915Ford Model T, Their First Customer

A 1915 Ford Model T is an example of the very first automotive customer of Bridge of Weir Leather Company, a relationship that dates back to 1911 when the model first entered production in the UK at Trafford Park in Manchester.  The relationship between Bridge of Weir and Ford Motor Company continues to this day. This particular Model T Tourer is part of Ford’s own heritage collection, held in Essex and is an example of a UK built model featuring Bridge of Weir leather.  In production from 1908 to 1927 with more than 15 million manufactured at numerous factories internationally, the Model T was named Car of the Century in 1999, as the world’s first affordable, mass-produced automobile.

DeLorean3 - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine


DeLorean’s iconic and infamous DMC-12, was built from 1981 to 1982 near Belfast in Northern Ireland, with prototypes shown from the mid-1970s. Some 9,000 models were manufactured during the company’s short life, before bankruptcy and the arrest of the company’s charismatic founder John DeLorean.  It is believed that more than two-thirds of the cars produced are still in existence, sporting the car’s unique brushed stainless steel body, gull-wing doors, innovative fiberglass chassis and underbody structure and fine Scottish leather interior.

Bridge of Weir Leather Company chairman, Jonathan Muirhead OBE, recalls: “It was an exciting time.  A number of Hollywood stars were attracted to invest, largely thanks to John DeLorean’s fame for engineering Pontiacs and Chevrolets.  The British government supported the new manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland, and we were delighted to be involved.  Suddenly, however, the DeLorean dream started to unravel.  I remember being very worried, but ultimately, we were paid for the leather supplied – I think we were among the lucky suppliers in this regard.”

 “The car had all but disappeared by the mid-1980s, until Steven Spielberg came along and secured its iconic status with the DeLorean time machine in his Back to the Future trilogy – and I am very pleased about that – it was special in many ways, and deserves its place as one of our icons at the Concours of Elegance.”

DB11 - Arden Green (24) - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineAston Martin DB11

The modern day icon displayed as part of the Bridge of Weir collection is the 2016 Aston Martin DB11.  Already award winning, the new Aston Martin continues the ‘DB’ lineage with a design that is both unmistakably Aston Martin, and equally modern and innovative.

Aston Martin Director of Design, Marek Reichman, describes the DB11 as “Aston Martin’s next icon – the first product of our Second Century Plan, with a stunning interior of Bridge of Weir leather to match.”  All Aston Martin products feature Bridge of Weir leather, and 2016 marks more than 50 years of the companies working together, a relationship that began with the DB5 of the 1960s.

DB11 - Arden Green (45)Marek Reichman said: “A car like this is not just about how it looks on the outside. Most of the lifetime of ownership is spent inside the car, and the interior’s sense of occasion is created by beautiful smell, touch and feel – it’s part of our identity and our interiors are each unique and hugely important to Aston Martin owners.  Our leather from Bridge of Weir is a timeless product, and there is a long history of the company working closely with us – we believe it is the best leather in the world.”

Aston Martin Engine Plaques -� Max Earey (29) - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineBridge of Weir managing director, Karen Marshall, said: “The Concours of Elegance brings together the absolute pinnacle of the automotive world, from all around the world, in the most stunning and unique of settings each year.  Marking Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th year, it is an absolute honour to be a part of the event at Windsor Castle and to showcase some examples of our work from the last century.  Each of the cars we have brought together play their own part in the history of Bridge of Weir Leather Company, with the latest Aston Martin DB11 heralding a truly enthralling future of design, manufacturing and innovation ahead of us.”

About Bridge of Weir Leather Company

Bridge of Weir has been at the forefront of innovation and quality for over a century. Where there have been major advances in motoring, furniture or travel, Bridge of Weir leather played its part, featuring in icons as diverse as the Ford Model T to the Charles Eames Lounge Chair to Concorde. Since 1905, Bridge of Weir has continuously innovated, adopting the latest technology, and, since 2009, boasts the lowest carbon tannery and leather product in the world.  But, the product quality and its unique appeal are still based on the same principles. Only the finest hides sourced from the best heritage breeds are used, pure water – the same as used to distill malt whiskies, and generations of hand-finished craftsmanship create a unique alchemy resulting in the finest Scottish Leather. www.bowleather.co.uk

About Concours of Elegance

Established in 2012, the inaugural Concours of Elegance was held within Windsor Castle to mark the diamond jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen’s reign.  Organised by Thorough Events, the first Concours of Elegance set a new global benchmark for a classic car concours; winning prestigious awards in the process; unheard of for a ‘start-up’ event in its first year.  The Concours of Elegance has continued to grow from strength to strength, collecting more accolades, tributes and endorsements along the way, with the exceptional settings of St James’s Palace in 2013, Hampton Court Palace in 2014 and Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse in 2015. Only the highest calibre of cars are invited to the Concours of Elegance, with the rarest cars in the world, from all over the world, painstakingly selected by the Concours Steering Committee; a respected team of authoritative historic car experts.  A key objective of the annual Concours of Elegance is to raise significant sums for charity. www.concoursofelegance.co.uk


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