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The Biggest Enemies of Luxury

The Biggest Enemies of Luxury - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Eat Love Savor - Luxury Awards (1)

When we think of luxury, whether we think simply of the word itself or its products and services, there are many adjectives that may come immediately to ones mind like beautiful – elegant – exclusive – excellent – magnificent – incredible – extraordinary – sublime.

Despite the superlative language associated with luxury used around the world, only some people are aware of this fact, that — in order to achieve these marvelous attributes spanning all aspects from customers, through the product or service, no matter which touch point, the development of a luxury brand and business always must go through a lengthy and arduous development and management process.

There is no excellence in that which is easy. There is nothing extraordinary about something cheap. There is nothing sublime if it doesn’t cause you to pause and take it in even for a few moments and leave you speechless as you search for the words to describe what you’re feeling, while your senses are overloaded with a sensations like you’ve never experienced before.

The Biggest Enemies of Luxury - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Eat Love Savor - Luxury Awards (5)
The Perception and Vibrational Frequency of Luxury

People perceive luxury at many different levels, in accordance to their life experience, and to the synchronicity of their vibrational frequency with the level of luxury that a certain product or service has achieved. For some, a €500 handbag is luxury, and for other, that is very cheap. For many, a yacht is considered luxury for the high price, but it speaks luxury at a frequency they will never understand.

Synchronicity, Vibrational Frequency and Positioning

Luxury brand CEOs and executives try to position their brands to a certain level of luxury in order to synchonize to the vibrational frequency of a certain group of people they call “target audience“. Their goal is to send constant messages within that frequency so that audience receives them properly. To describe this further, its a bit like a radio station. People will try to synchronize themselves by listening to certain radio stations that suit them, but if they don’t like the messages they hear or the music they’re playing, they’ll switch to another.

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The Alignment of Corporate Growth to Love

However, what most of them don’t realize is that corporate growth doesn’t depend on the market or on the competition nor on the sociocultural and technological change. Success or failure throughout time depends only, and exclusively, on the amount of love they infuse into what they do followed by the amount of love they send daily to their customers and to those who are not clients yet. That is, the amount of love we feel about ourselves and about all those around who share their life with us for better or worse.

Don’t hire people simply based on their knowledge, skills or titles, but for their passion and love for what they do.

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Feed the Enemy – Love is the Food

This is easier said than done, as there are several enemies within our brains which daily fight against that love and they have to be fought against with even more love:

  • Conformism: When people think that what they’ve done “it’s enough” they’re losing their focus on what excellence and timelessness really means, two of the three pillars of luxury. Doing enough is never enough
  • Arrogance: When people become arrogant, their eyes and heart become blind to the possible improvements to that product or service, and think their “perfect creation” has reached its top, or try to sell it like that
  • Guilt: When people get confused about what humility means, feel guilty for being excellent about their achievements because they were taught not to protrude above those around them
  • Low Self-Esteem: Unless people perceive they’re able to do something, they won’t move a finger. Even less if they perceive that there’s too much effort to do. Those with a high self-esteem see that huge effort as a challenge for themselves to become someone better that what they’re already, without needing to prove anything to anyone
  • Lack of purpose and vision: When people don’t have clear what is their purpose in life, the lack of the vision that is needed to achieve anything in life. A narrow vision, and a small purpose can only produce small and narrow results, but never get even close to excellence
  • Lack of love: When people have plenty of love, they first love themselves, love what they are, and what they do. They love their families and friends, and the life they’re living, even in hard times. When they love themselves that much, everything they do is reflected by that love with plenty self-confidence. The lack of love only produces distractions loosing their focus on every detail, needed to achieve the excellence and eternity expected from a luxury object
  • Lack of passion: The lack of love implies a lack of passion that kills creativity and innovation to create what hasn’t been done yet, and luxury customers mainly don’t want to buy copies of what is already been done, but the opposite

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

The Biggest Enemies of Luxury - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Eat Love Savor - Luxury Awards (2)
Speaking the Language of Luxury

I could follow naming several different enemies, killer enemies of the love, the passion and the vision needed to achieve luxury, to speak the language of luxury.

But as the reader may have perceived, none of them is external to the person. They all live inside of us, and those managers and brand owners who realize the power within each one of their employees and collaborators, and empower them to cultivate the inner-self, will be building stronger products and stronger brands with lesser effort, that no marketing or branding budget will be able to compete with.

It’s never about how well is the competition doing. It’s never about how little is our budget to create excellent products and services. It’s never about the price or any financial crisis. It’s never about the market share and sales volume.

It’s always about the quality of the people we have in our brands, the amount of time and love encapsulated in each product, and the amount of time and love brands invest in their people.




Born in Spain, he has inherited the culture of excellence that from centuries ago allowed this country to give birth to some of the most courageous men and women in history. Tradition, patience and a deep interest for entrepreneurship have converted him in an energetic entrepreneur learning to speak the language of luxury.Conscious that Mother Nature has chosen humans to learn from Her and understand Her laws and be able to replicate them and take care of Her creation, Trigueros has accepted the message to be chosen to improve it and uplift it to its highest levels through craftsmanship, engineering and skills in order to develop unimaginable experiences filled with beauty and love to present and future generations through luxury.