Beautiful Things: Get Swept Away with the Patrick Mavros ‘Ocean Tides Collection’

The Ocean Tides Collection by Patrick Mavros

Grande Sea Urchins, from ‘The Indian Ocean Collection’, a perfect pairing to the Ocean Tides Collection.

From the Patrick Mavros Atelier located in the tropical Indian Ocean, comes a collection of vibrant and colourful creations perfect to welcome in the summer.

Designed by Forbes and Kate in their captivating Mauritius Atelier comes the ‘Ocean Tides Collection’. This a collection made of of sterling silver sea urchins set with vibrant stone cabochons featuring varieties of vivid quartz, white and black diamonds and tourmaline, that make up suites of matching earrings and necklaces. The natural beauty of the stones is beautifully balanced with the simplicity of the silver tone of the metal and the patterns found in the sea urchin.

The inspiration for the collection, comes from the natural environment where the Atelier is located. “In Mauritius once or twice a year the tide goes so low the coral reef is exposed revealing the true colours of the undersea world. We have taken inspiration from this phenomenon and have sourced gemstones reflecting these soft hues and combined them with our Sea Urchin motifs.” says Forbes Mavros.

Some of the pieces in the collection include:

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is similar in appearance to Citrine, which has a similar golden color. This stone is mined primarily in Brazil – Sri Lanka, South Africa and Uruguay these mineral rich countries produce gem quality Lemon Quartz.

Lemon Quartz is a gemstone is said to be a stone with properties that can enhance insight and may broaden a person’s horizons.

Milky Quartz Oxidised

Milky Quartz is a beautiful stone with a cloudy white color which is caused by tiny water bubbles inside the quartz. Milky Quartz is also referred to as Snow Quartz. It is found in Europe and Russia, extracted from the Alps and found in Siberia.

Milky Quartz is also a gemstone that is said to possess properties with power to relieve stress.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz reminds them of their Island home as it shares the hue of the magnificent Indian Ocean. Sources of this astonishing gemstone include Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Myanmar, Mexico, Namibia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Properties of this stone are said to be a calming stone, excellent for communications and self expression, provides inner peace and mental stability.


About Patrick Mavros

Patrick Mavros creates some of the most extraordinary silver sculptures in Africa. He has created around them an environment just as extraordinary, in which he lives and works. This African family brand whose unique luxury products and experiences represent a safari of adventure, romance and above all, unquestionable quality and the workshops, the family homestead, the wildlife sanctuary, the offices and reception, together with his wonderful sales studio, are all built so as to form a small village on his estate in the wild hills outside Harare in Zimbabwe.

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