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Artist Spotlight: For the Love of Nature and Humanity, Sculptor Interview – Juli

Interview with Sculptor & Creator, JULI

Through the mind of the artist, that birthplace of all creative works, pours out the building blocks of art including structural aspects of inspiration, meaning and a story. Some art is created purely for the expression of beauty, an ornamental expression of a thought or something that inspired the artist to capture a scene or a moment in time like a beautiful landscape or sunset.

Other pieces of art convey messages on a whole other level, evoking intriguing translations of the artists inner world and minds eye, expressed through materials, that bring to life something that appears mystical and deeply emotional in their feel, and that seems to raise consciousness or awareness of an idea or message.

The works of art created by an artist simply known as Juli, possess an intensity, depth, raw beauty and a curious essence. Each one embodies a quiet yet strong soulfulness that reaches out with a sense of yearning for the profoundly natural. Something about the essence of this art played around in our heads and lingered leaving us curious to learn about the origins of their rustic qualities, about the creator and the inspiration behind these interesting pieces she makes from a variety of materials like bronze, glass and wood.

EAT LOVE SAVOR had the opportunity to chat with Juli and gain insights into the mind of the artist.

Tell us about your journey in sculpture? What attracted you to this medium of artistic expression?

I am passionate about the know-how of the elders. It is my intention to acquire over the course of several years, the fundamental bases of sculpture and learning different trades; and incorporate the four elements – Earth – Water – Air – Fire. Being drawn to many art forms, I tirelessly learn different techniques first working with live models, then to master volumes and proportions, then I learned the direct stone size, metal work, welding, in the Bronze foundries chiseling, molding, and jewelry creation courses.

Over the next ten years, I will complete my achievements by training in the mastery of Paste Glass with great glassmakers, including the CERFAV and the Glass Museum of Sars Pottery, with Jaromir Rybak and Joan Crous.

My strength lies in my daring, subtle and original way of assembling materials as refined as the Glass Paste, to the brutality of bronze, wood or stone.

What inspires the creation of your work? Where do you go, what to do for creative inspiration?

My inspiration comes from nature mainly. From my childhood being in contact with rugged and wild nature, I keep the taste of walks in the forest and the observation of the vegetative world, hence my interest not only for what nature produces, but also and especially for how it can be used, diverted, magnified. All natural materials are sources of inspiration, roots, bark, moss woods, truffles, stones, shells. I navigate the creation of several collections – Winged – Nature – Time – Batak people – Gaia – Masks etc … My art breathes a second life to Mother Nature …

What is your work trying to say? Tell us about the message and meaning of your work? There is a spirituality and a humanity evident in each of them. How important is meaning and beauty to you in the work you create in the messages you are trying to convey?

As an artist, through my Art, I want to be the messenger of nature, I want to convey this message: We all play a role, we are all responsible. I am involved in humanitarian causes such as the problem of thirst in the world, especially with the Creation “WATCHKEEPERS” that I created especially to raise awareness of this major problem.

I used a dried palm tree stem, to explain that without water nature will not exist, inside the Gangue I inserted bronze faces that represent the whole world, “Africans, Europeans, Asians etc …) we are all gathered around this nature to preserve it, and at the bottom of the work is two children in glass paste that receives the water, and I explain that we are WE … THE GUARDIANS OF WATER for the future of our Children, for the future of HUMANITY …

This work has been the subject of traveling exhibitions for 6 years, including the UN in Geneva, the Grand Palais in Paris, MAG in Montreux, Italy … When selling this work a portion of the profits will be donated for this cause to Associations of Madagascar.

I am also active in actions of protection of nature and the sea, especially with the collection “THE CRI DES SIRENES” these sirens who cry their desperation to see their Universe gradually destroyed by humans …

I use seashells, I hear the message of the sea of ​​the creatures that live there, their distress call … they send me … their form in which I engrave mermaids in Paste of glass gives you this cry of LIFE…

I sculpt to express the unspeakable, the life and the movement in the heart of the matter, my creations of glass are passers of light and hope towards a new world.

Who are your ideal clients for your artwork? Where can your work be found? Companies, private collections, public art?

Individuals most of the time, but there are no ideal customers, it’s the heart stroke especially after telling the story of the work, I have different collections to satisfy a wide range of customers. Private collectors are at the rendezvous in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Italy and France.

What does a typical day look like for you as an artist?

Being an artist at the moment does not mean being in his studio behind his established and creating 24 hours a day,- an artist can in a day to have to use several trades he can be: creator, designer, computing, professional, carrier, installer,, salesman and much more …

To realize a piece of artwork requires several stages:

There is the time of reflection, which can be done everywhere, which can be long, and take place at any time, then the creation itself with the matter in earth or in wax, then come the techniques of molding, dewaxing, cooking for the Paste of glass, (which anywhere from a week to a few months for cooking, not to mention the cold work for finishing) the foundry for bronze and then the carving finishes, patina, assembly works, base, transport case … Time does not exist in a workshop …

You produce your works in two different studios, one in Paris and the other in Corrèze. How does work in these two different places affect your work?

I live and work between Paris in my winter workshop and Corrèze where my summer studio is located, a former family barn, in nature, surrounded by streams, woods and owls. This place is conducive to deep reflection and creation. Paris, is the place where the technical part to finalize my works, creation of the molds, cookings of glass etc takes place and of course, is the location of my suppliers.

What would you like people to know about your work?

My work alone must speak to you, it is a language, it is my heart, my soul which is inside, I do not know how to write by the pen, I write my feelings with matter in matter.

Where can your work be seen regularly?

My works can be seen first hand in:

My workshop showroom in Paris and soon there will be one also located in Brittany.

Boutique Style Of Zug – Carlo Naldi – Edelberg – Swiss Creative Lab – ZUG – Switzerland

Boutique showroom – HUBAULT 1539 – Anthony Hubault Sommelier – Chantilly

At regular exhibitions in France in Paris, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy Belgium

What are some of the new projects you are working on?

In parallel with the creation of my work, I have a new project, in order to put into practice my knowledge of the technique of the Paste of Glass and the Bronze.  And working in another field, I wish at the moment to turn to interior designers, decorator, to integrate decorative elements in glass paste or bronze in furniture or other decorative elements, in collaboration with various tradesmen, carpenter, ironworker …

Also in the theme of “Nature” the flowers around the world have inspired me to create a first collection of perfume bottles for single piece collectors. I make vials with stoppers in Paste of glass or Bronze, and my glass blower makes the bottle in symbiosis with the stopper – “Druna Collection” “Collection Africa” ​​”Duo Collection” – this future focused and ambitious project will be to create perfumes for each collection in collaboration with a perfumer … As the future unfolds exciting projects are sure to follow.

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