The Art of Living Woven Together by Aston Martin + Emilia Burano

Aston Martin + Emilia Burano fabric

Aston Martin and Emilia Burano, two luxury brands coming together, weaving the essence of the Art of Living.

The renowned Italian couture fabric and lace maker Emilia Burano with iconic British luxury sports car brand Aston Martin collaborate to produce a collection of bespoke fabrics. A unique collection created by Emilia Burano for Aston Martin has created Superior fabrics made to the highest levels of quality. The ‘Art of Living’ concept was designed to grace fine homes, hotels, yachts or private jets.

About Emilia Burano

Greatly admired and appreciated all over the world and in every age, portraits of nobles and European royalty such as Louis XIV and Elizabeth I wearing lace collars helped make Venetian lace a status symbol. Venetian lace enjoyed a revival toward the end of the 1800s, when great grandmother Emilia learned the Art of Lace from her mother. Today, especially known for the design and manufacture of luxury home linen, Emilia Burano furnishes the world’s most eminent residences, hotels, yachts and private jets. Emilia Burano has two Boutiques on Burano Island (in the Venice Lagoon) and one inside the Prestigious “Belmond Hotel Cipriani” of Venice.

Art of Living Aston Martin + Emilia Burano Archi collection

About Aston Martin

Founded in 1913, Aston Martin is an iconic automotive marque of unrivalled heritage that has now entered its second century. With fresh investment, a new Chief Executive Officer and the strongest model line-up in the company’s history the British sports car brand is now looking to an exciting future. Aston Martin boasts state-of-the-art headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire, which are built on the passion, skill and creativity of the people who dedicate their working lives to this iconic luxury brand.

The Fine Art of Fabric and Lace Making

The Venetian textile company, known all over the world for its refined product range, presents several new high quality, authentically designed fabric collections at the next edition of the prestigious Maison&Objet lifestyle trade show in Paris in September 2015. The Paris exhibition is the first project between Emilia Burano and Aston Martin, a collaboration between two luxury and craftsmanship-led success stories.

Art of Living Aston Martin + Emilia Burano fine fabric collection

About the Collection

In the materials to be showcased at the event the tradition of Emilia Burano designer Lorenzo Ammendola, who creates opulent home collections in a modern version of Burano lace, meets the finesse and elegant design of Aston Martin. The Aston Martin Collection consists of five refined selections to complement bedroom, dining room, bathroom and spa – all sharing the same characteristics of quality and high luxury.

About the Fabrics

Emilia Burano is based on Burano – a pretty and vibrant island in the Venetian Lagoon – and uses the unique ‘Sateen 100% silk cut, 650 thread count’, a one-of-a-kind cotton weave handmade specifically for Aston Martin. This very special cotton comes from a specific small area on the Nile Delta, where rain and high humidity combine to produce ideal cottongrowing conditions. The superior quality cotton is harvested by hand in different stages, in each of which the bolls have matured to the optimum point and are extremely soft and supple. In turn, the strength of the fibre makes the fabrics they create more strong and yet more resistant to wear: perfect for the Aston Martin Collection. The other precious material used in this collection is linen. For its ‘Puro Lino 100%’ collection Emilia Burano uses only linen made in Italy, thereby guaranteeing excellence and 100% traceability at each stage of processing.

Art of Living Aston Martin + Emilia Burano 5 PIEGHE Collection

High Quality Collaboration

The collaboration between the high quality fabric house and the British sports car maker represents the latest development of Aston Martin’s pioneering Art of Living philosophy, where art meets design. The two companies share a passion for the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxury finish.

Lorenzo Ammendola, Design Director at Emilia Burano, said: “We are very happy to collaborate with Aston Martin on this project, and are pleased to be working so closely with their design team. “I believe the new collection reflects my mantra: my heart looks to the past and my mind looks to the future.”

Katia Bassi, Managing Director of Aston Martin Brands, said: “We believe in creating superior quality products with superb style, and Aston Martin has a famous tradition of hand craftsmanship. Emilia Burano shares our values and is, therefore, naturally a part of our Art of Living philosophy.



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