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Art Deco Everlasting: Toby Lynn Gems


Art Deco styling and influences can be seen throughout European and American society. From architecture to home decor, the clean lines and simplistic elegance of the Art Deco period rages on.

One favorite example highlighting the era’s indelible beauty marks is found within exquisitely jewelled adornments. Despite our modern times, vintage and contemporary Art Deco jewellery still delights many collectors and fashion taste-makers. Art Deco Everlasting is a new series dedicated to discovering some of the most stunning Art Deco adornments available. So join me as we stroll through our first feature, the beautiful collection of Toby Lynn Gems.

[pullquote]“Jewelry, to me, is an extension of fashion, beauty, and art. It is more than just metal and stones. [Jewelry] helps women express who they are.”[/pullquote]

Art Deco Everlasting Style and Design

Gatsby—Extravagant parties, exquisite adornments, and expressive artwork. These are some of the first things that come to mind at the mention of Art Deco. And between jewellery and interior decor and wares, the Art Deco period has continued to enlighten, delight, and seduce artistically aesthetes to our present day. One search on 1stdibs is all you need to see that the love and desire for Art Deco remains strong and continues to inspire across all levels and disciplines of artistic creativity. From Tiffany’s to house ware speciality producers, Art Deco remains one of the most long-lasting art periods. Toby Fischer recognized this years ago and continues to be a driving force in the preservation and artistic expressions of Art Deco style through modern and vintage techniques and materials.

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[pullquote]“My primary focus is working with the client to create a piece that will make them feel special…a reflection of their personality. It is all about Individuality.”[/pullquote]

Precious Metals, Gems and Vintage Stones

Through her brand, Toby Lynn Gems, Toby creates pieces that look like they’ve been plucked right from the height of the Art Deco period. Using high-karat precious metals, vintage stones, gems, and unusual materials like lace, her pieces embody the distinct individuality of her clients. An accomplished journalist and author, Toby has a way of deciphering the key foundations of Art Deco style and translating client ideas and personalities into pieces that fit their owners perfectly. From regal headpieces to flirty tasseled necklaces, her work gives collectors and admirers a glimpse of a by-gone era in all it’s glittering exquisiteness and charm, complete with starbursts, pearls, and sapphires as blue as the night’s sky.

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Toby Lynn Gems is the brainchild of Toby Fischer. Each design is a unique piece based upon her inspiration from the periods of Art Deco, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, Georgian, and Modernism. Using precious and semi precious stones and precious metals such as platinum and 14kt and 18kt gold, most pieces are one-of-a-kind and limited edition. A long time collector of antique textiles, jewelry and clothing, Toby started collecting from her grandmother’s and mother’s closets and jewelry boxes. Today, Toby Lynn Gems has an international clientele including celebrities, politicians, musicians, and royalty. Toby’s custom design work has become a regular feature on television, film, and the red carpet

By Aamaal Abdul-Malik


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