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Announcing the Relaunch of our Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Website

We are pleased to announce that our newly refreshed online luxury lifestyle magazine is now live. This latest update to the site includes changes to the navigation, layout and structure of desktop and mobile versions. Our goals remain unchanged.

When we embarked on this luxury lifestyle magazine passion project almost a decade ago, we had a significant goal in mind – We wanted to break with tradition because we see the magazine experience differently…

We wanted to create for those with discerning tastes, a magazine that recognises luxury as a state of mind and lifestyle choice, looks at luxury through a feminine lens, with depth, meaning. The vision is to create a special magazine for connoisseurs and those who appreciate quality and have the desire to live a beautiful life beyond the ordinary – a magazine especially for them that was elegant, enchanting, inspirational, uplifting, with fabulous finds, imagery and offering an immersive luxury experience at your fingertips that explored a curated world of excellent fine goods, services and experiences. Furthermore to have a strong editorial mandate and direction, independent and free of advertising, preferring no interruptions or purchase pressure because we believe that people are always going to buy, what they are looking for is connection and information.

We wanted to break from the traditional purpose of a magazine to offer our esteemed readers a more future-focused option. The purpose of a magazine is to provide content covering a specific area of interest that is informative and entertaining to read; but there is a real & secret reason for their existence. A committee in 1907 headed by ad executive James Collins ; this quote attributed to him conveyed to a congressional committee…“‘There is still an illusion to the effect that a magazine is a periodical in which advertising is incidental. But we don’t look at it that way. A magazine is simply a device to induce people to read advertising.

A Changing Magazine for a Changing World

Things have changed. People are now looking for substance so offering value and meaning as a modern magazine was important to us, more than being an advertising delivery vehicle. We wanted to transcend the status quo.

Our refreshed site presents an improved reading experience, supports our goals and vision to be a new kind of luxury lifestyle magazine.

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Alternative Sidebar showing list of categories

Improvements to the Online Magazine

Here’s a look at what we’ve done and why.

  • The online magazine remains feminine, reflected in the look and feel of the site.
  • It is still free of advertising, and has no paywall, something an increasing number of magazines and newspapers are doing in response to falling advertising sales. We remain free to read online and, have no plans to add one.
  • We’ve made the reading experience more fluid and pleasant for you. We changed the structure of the magazine website to offer you a consistent experience and improved navigation whether viewed on desktop or devices. The clean and modern responsive design perfectly showcases our editorial on any device.
  • IMG 6181 2 Announcing the Relaunch of our Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Website - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineEAT LOVE SAVOR covers a great many categories. Now with this new structure, the experience of discovering them is found in the Alternative Sidebar, located on the left side, look for the icon of three stacked lines.
  • The overall layout is pleasing to the eye and is reminiscent of a print magazine page including the use of a drop cap in the first part of articles.
  • Article excerpts and images now draw your eye gently,  flowing with ease, drawing you in, encouraging you to linger a little longer as what there is to discover, more readily populates for ease of reading and increased enjoyment.
  • A floating social media bar now graces each article and page, on desktop and mobile, for ease of sharing, and that does not obscure the content on the page.

Beyond Online. Luxury Print Editions Added

Since the launch of our online magazine back in 2010, did you know that we’ve added a second publication? For those who enjoy the tactile experience of paper, we produce a book-style luxury magazine, replete with timeless content, still relevant years after publishing and separate from that which you find online. These luxury print editions are a joy to explore, are also ad free, printed on demand and shipped worldwide. For more information visit this page.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We hope you will enjoy our new online magazine! During your visit, we hope you learned something new, discovered something interesting and that the experience of visiting our magazine has brightens your day a little. Let us know your thoughts. If you find any glitches or problems, please let us know, simply contact us.




EAT LOVE SAVOR®️ International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Bookazine, established in 2010, is a luxury lifestyle platform unlike any other. Focused on connoisseurship and appreciation, we are a foremost advocate of intelligent, informative, premium editorials, interviews, and features with a feminine touch, invigorating and guiding readers through a world of highly curated luxury goods, services, and experiences. We only cover the high end of true luxury. Our voice and lens is feminine and we’ve created an immersive world filled with beauty, positivity and love - an ad-free oasis where you can be entertained and informed in refinement and elegance.