Alexandra Mor Fine Jewelry Designer to Lead Protagonist Exhibition at Salon Art + Design

Internationally renown fine jewelry designer Alexandra Mor’s exquisite jewelry is sought out by collectors. She is a fine jewelry industry leader for her distinctive, artistic and technically proficient jewelry designs, limited editions, one-of-a-kind collections with such attention to detail is typically found among Place Vendôme jewelers.

Acknowledging the weight of her role as a leader in her industry, Mor has always used conflict-free fine gems in her designs. In recent years, she has taken this consciousness further and evolved her role adding to it advocate for sustainability and mindful design. She has embraced her motto, Designers Are the New Activists and embarked on a mission to educate others about the benefits of low impact practices, and effectively rebrand sustainable materials in the field of fine jewelry.

Unveiled in 2017, Mor’s Journey’s collection featuring the tagua seed spurred interest from fellow leaders in the field of haute jewelry. She was named Creative Director of Vogue Italia’s annual Protagonist Exhibition and has since grown the event year over year, bringing together like-minded designers, artists, brands and collectors who believe in the ability of fine jewelry to make positive contributions to the fields of sustainability and preservation.

For the 2019 edition of the Protagonist held at the Salon of Art + Design on Park Avenue Armory, November 14-18, Mor presents a curated selection of her work from past and current partnerships that embrace exceptional craftsmanship and fair, low-impact practices.

Tagua Seed / Photo by Russel Starr

Through her work in public speaking and events, Mor has inspired her field and affected real, positive change in the movement towards mindful design. She is the recipient of several awards honoring her efforts in the sustainable luxury field.

Mor’s path to embracing mindful design began when she felt the need for a creative boost. After six years of managing her brand in New York City, Alexandra took a leap and moved to the island of Bali with her family. It was in Bali that she found the space to focus on new ideas centered around the preservation and celebration of the natural world and its rich cultures of people.

Enlisting the work of traditional Balinese carvers and fine metal artisans, Mor created her tagua seed capsule collection with the goal to elevate the tagua seed as a luxury material and effective replacement for elephant ivory. As Mor continued to learn about the horrors of elephant poaching and illegal harvesting of ivory, her discovery of the tagua seed was an obvious choice to contribute her talents toward a very worthy cause.

Alexandra Mor Tagua Seeds, Baroque pearls and 22 karat gold beads with Carved red Wood lotus flower malla necklace

About Vogue Protagonist Exhibit
The Protagonist began in 2014, curated by Vogue Gioiello, as a celebration of haute couture and a showcase of innovation in fine jewelry design. Since 2017, the exhibition, creatively lead by Haute Couture designer and Artistic Director, Alexandra Mor, embraced a more responsible, mindful and sustainable approach. In the past 2 years, the event has pioneered a shift towards sustainability in the fine jewelry industry introducing new ideas, shifting the concept around what collecting and fine jewelry means, and introducing new responsibly sourced materials.

About Alexandra Mor

Alexandra Mor launched her first collection in 2010 and has steadily grown her business through her Signature Collections and personalized service. In 2017, Alexandra took a step back from the frenetic pace of New York City and moved her life and practice to Bali, Indonesia. It was there that Alexandra discovered the tagua seed, the botanical equivalent to elephant ivory. She incorporated the tagua into a high jewelry collection in hopes of redirecting the demand from the harmful use of elephant ivory to that of the renewable tagua. Later that year, Alexandra successfully proposed the tagua seed for Vogue Italia’s annual US Protagonist Event , and in doing so, she helped position the tagua seed as a luxury material on a larger scale. Alexandra Mor has spoken about her approach to sustainability at conferences worldwide and hopes to inspire a change of thought and practice. Notable appointments and awards include Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award 2013, inclusion in the comprehensive survey, Women Jewellery Designers by Juliet de La Rochefoucauld, published by ACC Publishing, and Town & Country’s Innovator of the Year 2018.

About Salon Art + Design
Salon Art + Design returns for its eighth edition at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from November 14 – 18, 2019. Presenting the world’s best design – vintage, modern and contemporary – enhanced by blue-chip 20th century and contemporary art, Salon will feature 56 leading art and design galleries (from 14 different countries), spotlighting the trends of collectible design. Salon has differentiated itself from other fairs by including a highly curated mixture of historic and contemporary collectible design and fine art. Just as top interior designers create eclectic homes for discerning clients, Salon exhibitors are encouraged to create immersive environments mirroring the way we live today. The success of Salon lies in the quality of its exhibiting galleries, the extremely international flavor of the material and an eclecticism that is highly sought by today’s collectors and tastemakers.




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