Al Zain Fine Jewellery from Bahrain Influenced by Arabian Heritage



Fine jewelry from Bahrain

Al Zain Jewellery crafted in Bahrain will soon reach a historic milestone, 100 years in business. A significant achievement. The Al Zain brand has flourished amidst the challenges century of existence including economic downturns, recessions, political unrest and more recently the Covid pandemic which has literally changed our way of living around the world, how we think and how we conduct our business, likely for years to come. 

Having begun in 1930 as a pearl trading business in 1930 and later transforming into one of the leading luxury jewellery companies in the region, they have always managed to navigate their way through no matter what came. Al Zain’s key strength lies in its ability to adapt and one punctated by their brand’s inherited love for pearls, love for aesthetics, an artistic eye for detail.  In the past 5 years, the brand has completely repositioned its image in line with its redefined target audience and total product offering.

The rich Arabic inspired past; evoked into a modern & contemporary design, “Hab El Hayl” inspired and named after the humble cardamom seed, a spice very dear to traditional Bahrain. Known for its healing properties, and widely used as a motif in the traditional Bahraini Jewellery designs, Al Zain re-introduced the classic Hab El Hayl design in a modern and contemporary collection that still preserves its origins as a classic heritage design.

Al Zain believes that jewellery celebrates life; each piece of jewellery depicts and marks an important milestone in a person’s life, a clear sense of accomplishment that justifies celebrating and commemorating the moment in time forever.

The 2025 vision aims to establish a global brand capable of competing with any internationally established luxury brand. This strategic five-year plan will mark key moments in the brand’s progress toward meeting this vision. Each step in the 5-year plan brings the company one step closer to becoming a global brand leader. It is a well established company strategy with a clear vision to become the world’s leading luxury Arabian jewelry brand of choice.

Inspired by the Bahraini heritage, Al Zain created the Al Merriyah Collection. Using elements from the Treasures of Bahrain, the “Merriyah” symbol was selected as the main inspiration for this collection. Al Zain aims to recreate this iconic symbol to mix tradition, modern minimalism targeted at a younger, trendier and more current audience.

Al Zain takes great pride and joy in the fact that each design is created in its studio and factory, and it is proud to be an Arabian brand with a deeply rooted and passionate heritage. This heritage is meticulously and purposefully incorporated into each design creation, ensuring an instant connection between a rich past and a present-day celebration of life’s accomplishments.

A colourful expression of elegance and femininity, delicately linked together by diamonds. Discover drops of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Al Zain’s second edition made for the first time in precious stones.

With their rich and diverse Arabian heritage and influence in their designs, they strive to evoke an emotion in their customers that promises a lasting sense of trust and loyalty for future generations.


featured image: Hab El Hayl 2nd Edition sees the introduction of yellow, rose and white 18k gold. New slim line designs in ring and bangles were introduced allowing the wearer to stack the items two to three at a time creating a fresh fashionable and playful yet elegant look.





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