Airport concierge services in demand, helping travellers through airports post lockdown

DiamondAir International, the world’s leading global provider of luxury meet and assist services, is reporting an increase in demand for its concierge services as travellers request help to get through airports and busy train stations on their first post-lock trip.

As people start to travel again, one of the areas they are most concerned about is how to avoid busy airport terminals and crowded train stations with minimal interaction.

The company regularly deals with the rich and famous, business travellers, individuals and families all over the world. As the lockdown has eased, it has reported a 200 per cent increase in calls and increased traffic to its website as travellers seek assistance from airports.

Christina Lawford, Founder and Managing Director of DiamondAir International, says: “Often the most stressful part of travel is getting through the airport or train station to the final mode of transport. Inevitably airports are busy and confusing places with numerous queues and this, combined with locating where you need to check in, drop your bags, and get through security, creates maximum tension the best of times.

“Currently, travellers’ worries are even more heightened as we gradually come out of lockdown and our services help remove this stress. They are designed to run effortlessly from the moment you arrive at the airport or station and can continue until you arrive at your final destination.”

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Heathrow Airport, VIP services, May 2016, Photo courtesy of DiamondAir International

The three key services are:

1 / Airport Concierge Service: Available in 600 destinations, this service allows travellers to get through the airport as quickly and efficiently as possible and is available on departures, arrivals and transits.

2 / The DiamondAir Airport Concierge Agent is ready to greet travellers at the arrival kerbside and will assist them through check-in, security escort and assistance through all additional pre-and post-flight passenger health and screening protocols. Baggage porters may arrange for the collection and transfer of luggage, with sanitization of the bags provided upon arrival (subject to the airport).

The Agent will ensure that the length of time spent in the congested passenger areas of the airport is minimised and will take care of any common use of touch screens.

If a lounge is booked, the traveller will be escorted there while waiting for boarding. Boarding time will be arranged with the DiamondAir Airport Concierge Agent, who will then pick up travellers from the lounge and escort them to the aircraft, avoiding busy areas and eliminating any unnecessary stress encountered prior to departure. The same process takes place at arrivals, with the Concierge Agent assisting travellers through immigration, baggage and customs, and escorting travellers to their final mode of transport. For those who have connecting flights, the Concierge Agent will be escorting them to the front gate and will have the benefit of knowing the layout of the airport and the most efficient way around it.

3 / Airport By Invitation: this premium and customised service makes private jet experience available without a price tag but with all the advantages of using a private terminal, taking passengers from the airside to the kerbside and vice versa. It can be reached in more than 80 airport locations.

DiamondAir - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
Photo courtesy of DiamondAir International

Tailored to the needs of the individual, seeking the ultimate in discretion, privacy and exclusivity between the aircraft side and the kerb side, it provides transport to and from the tarmac to the VIP suite, completely exclusive to travellers. The suite is sanitised after each use, includes butler service and guests can also access entertainment or spa services, personal shopping and catering.

As part of the Airport By Invitation Service, security, customs and immigration checks are carried out on a private basis, avoiding other passengers in congested areas. Those travelling through this service are able to relax in luxurious surroundings, while the DiamondAir Agent has coordinated the transfer of their baggage.

Boarding and disembarkation is made simple by transferring private tarmac from the lounge to the aircraft with fully sanitised vehicles for optimum safety measures.

Platform Concierge: this service runs from the side of the train to the side of the kerb, across major rail stations worldwide. DiamondAir ‘s Platform Concierge Agent provides a luxury meeting and assistance service, helping to support the end of transit for travellers across the busiest stations in the world. This may include assistance in monitoring travel schedules and coordinating all travel arrangements. This service can benefit not only business travellers but also individuals , families and groups, and provides valuable local on-the-ground knowledge. Assistance is available on arrival and departure to minimise the length of time spent in busy passenger areas.

New for 2020

Ahead of the summer getaway, DiamondAir International ‘s new Family Getaway package offers all the benefits of the above mentioned Airport Concierge Service and costs £ 150 including VAT for a family of four with optional extra access to the airport lounge if the family so wishes. The service includes a luggage carrier and the use of pushchairs to and from the aircraft – fully sanitised after each use – and assistance with hand luggage.

Christina Lawford adds: “Our Family Getaway package not only caters for those with young children but also young passengers travelling alone, nervous flyers or inexperienced travellers who simply appreciate a guiding hand. We aim to make the airport experience as enjoyable as possible at the beginning and at the end of a holiday.”

Heathrow Airport, VIP services, May 2016. Photo courtesy of DiamondAir International

DiamondAir Airport Concierge Agents can also accompany families to the play area for children and their CRB-checked agent can supervise children if parents want to do any last-minute shopping before taking off.

* Airport Concierge starts from £150 for up to 2 passengers
* Family Getaway service starts from £150 for a family of 4
* Airport By Invitation starts from £170.00 per person
* Platform Concierge starts from £150

The services of DiamondAir International now include additional safety and precautionary measures that are constantly monitored and adjusted in accordance with local authority advice and guidance, and as travel policies and border controls evolve internationally, its service protocols will evolve.

Each of its Airport Concierge Agents wear PPE when at the airport, handshaking will not be practised and its frontline staff will continue to be monitored. At all times , social distinctions are adhered to between the Airport Concierge Director and passengers.

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