No Advertising

Advertising is not available in our publications

Sorry, but EAT LOVE SAVOR does not offer advertising on our platform or in its magazines.

Advertising is everywhere. Not all of it appropriate to the platform on which it appears and much of it takes away from the reading experience and some of it even damages the media brand or takes away from other advertising. We believe that all this advertising has bombarded today’s readers and have left them fatigued by the never-ending messaging and interruption, all vying for their attention and dollars. We did not want to be a part of that so it was decided that whether online, in print or digital, our pages are independent and ad-free spaces. This is important to us because we want to offer our readers an influence free, uninterrupted  and immersive luxury reading experience. No banner, display ads nor sponsored posts…. Our publication is subscriber supported.

So how do I get into the magazine? Luxury companies and brands (goods, services and experiences) interested in appearing online or in the pages of the magazine can contact our editorial department about editorial consideration and/or contributing to the magazines.


Q – So how then do I get into the magazine?

A – We do offer editorial. Ask to be considered. Introduce yourself. Reach out to us on Social Media. Or by Email.

How it works: We welcome luxury brand press releases from around the world. All prospective editorial is first vetted to ensure it is fit for our editorial mandate and direction.

Contact us to be considered for editorial placement, contact the Editorial Department or use our Luxury Press Release submission found on