Advertise & Luxury Media Kit

Hello prospective advertising client,

According to recent research, the conversion rate for content marketing is 6x higher than traditional methods. In addition, 60% of modern luxury or premium purchases are now are influenced digitally, according to Morgan Stanley. These two statistics should make every marketer think twice about where to spend your next quarterly budget…

Our goal at EAT LOVE SAVOR® is to help take our patrons brands to new heights through content advertising via our Integrated Editorial Partnerships – the power of story is one of the most powerful tools of influence.

Your Target is Looking for Information and to Connect with You, Not Ads

We don’t offer display or banner advertising because it is information your target seeks and our integrated editorial partnerships (sponsored content) is designed to blend seamlessly with our editorial content for an uninterrupted experience for our readers and give them what they are looking for … to connect with you.

Connect Human to Human on an Emotional Level with Your Target

Connect with your target through great stories and beautiful photography. EAT LOVE SAVOR has integrated systems to meet your marketing objectives, and offers solutions for every budget; one time or serialized.

We Understand Luxury

We are a media platform and publication that deeply understands the DNA of luxury  connecting you in a meaningful way with our highly-sought after, global and influential audience and organic search.

Kindly note: Access is only offered to official company domains. We do not offer access to Hotmail or Yahoo, Gmail or other free email accounts.

2018 Media Kit

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